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Why choose Austin’s private jeweler?

Our model of the “upstairs jeweler” references an era when your personal, small-town jeweler worked in an upstairs shop on the main street of the town. The experience was personalized, relaxed and enjoyable. That’s us … and yes, we are located upstairs.

Yes, Quality & Price Matter

Every diamond we sell is hand-picked and direct-sourced. And because our overhead is lower, even online jewelers can’t come close to competing with our quality, our pricing and the personal attention. We offer obviously better diamonds and clearly better pricing.

We’re Open! Same Day Appointments Available!

The Diamond Room has resumed our in-store private appointments and excited to once again be able to give our clients the private jeweler experience that’s made us a landmark for engagement rings and custom jewelry in Austin. Please call ahead and we’ll be ready to show you diamonds and jewelry that fit your dreams!

The Austin Diamond Room
3301 Northland Drive, Room 215
Austin, Texas 78731
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The Austin Diamond Room

3301 Northland Drive, Room 215

Austin, Texas 78731

Austin Engagement Rings

Engagement rings as Unique as Austin

Helping to match a couple with the perfect engagement ring is an enormous challenge, but also such a wonderful honor and opportunity. We listen intently to each client’s wishes, never resting until we find (or custom design) the ring that perfectly matches their needs and personality. We have had couples who after more than a decade of marriage have connected with us just to thank us for helping them find the ring that so perfectly matched who they are.


What is unique about you?

Custom Design

Your austin designer is kind of a big deal

Most of the pieces we create in our Austin shop don’t come from a catalog or off the shelf. Rather, they are borne from our ability to take your vision and inspiration and bring them to life. Armed with our many years of custom jewelry design experience (plus calipers, pincers and a blow torch), we can create a piece of jewelry that once existed only in your dreams.

Created Diamonds

Ask your Austin expert

If you don’t know the complete story about created diamonds, ask your diamond expert in The Diamond Room of Austin. These man-made diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical makeup as diamonds formed underground over the millennia. Even diamond experts with a powerful microscope cannot discern a difference. These … are … real … diamonds.

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