Our loose diamonds are cut for maximum sparkle

But most diamonds are cut badly on purpose

Cut Determines Beauty

Sadly, diamonds are sold by weight, not by beauty! So, In order preserve more of the diamond, most are cut with incorrect proportions.

Dull, Lifeless Diamonds

Most diamonds are cut too deep, allowing light to escape out the bottom and sides, yielding duller and smaller looking diamond.

we do diamonds differently

We hand-pick every diamond we sell, choosing only those correctly-proportioned and properly cut to unleash their maximum sparkle, regardless of their size.

Peek at our loose-diamond treasure trove

No Dull Diamonds In The Diamond Room

From our electricity-created diamonds to traditional geological diamonds (in virtually every shape and size that exists), you’ll find no dull, lifeless diamonds here.


Loose Diamond FAQs

Are loose diamonds a good investment?

Anything can be a good investment if bought and sold and the right times, however we do not recommended diamonds for investments in most cases. For those that are interested in discussing the potential of investing in diamonds, while we are NOT financial advisors, we would be happy to help make recommendations based on current diamond market prices and supply. The best piece of advice I can give to those who want to try to invest in diamonds, is to buy what is marketable, which does not typically mean the highest quality. Most investment diamonds are recommended to be valued over $100,000.

What has more value gold or diamonds?

Which taste better, an apple or an orange? Is a sunset or sunrise prettier? Gold and diamonds cannot be compared when it comes to value. Some may say gold has higher value because it has been considered a very good investments for centuries. So if you “value” the longevity of gold being a good investment, then gold is the answer. If value is determined by weight, however, think about which would be more valuable, 1 ounce of gold, or the equivalent weight in diamonds….over 155cts!? 

How much do loose (mined) diamonds cost?
As diamonds get bigger and higher in quality, the more rare and expensive they get. Here is a very basic guide for how much loose mined diamonds should cost
3/4ct: $1,500-$3,500
1ct: $4,000-$8,000
1.25ct: $6,000-$9,000
1.50ct: $8,500-$15,000
1,75ct: $9,500-$18,000
2ct: $14,000-$24,000
2.50ct: $22,000-$36,000
3ct: $25,000-$45,000
Interested in higher? Feel free to reach out to us and let’s discuss!
Should I buy a diamond online or in a store?

As a diamond expert of over 20 years, I have many opinions on this common question. The biggest issue with buying a diamond online is not being able to see the diamond you are buying in person. If you buy with your eyes, you will never lose; you are guaranteed to love the diamond you choose, and you have had the opportunity to compare it side-by-side to others.

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