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Personal Attention. Private Environment.

So Much More Than a Retail Experience

A Jewelry Experience Unlike Any Other

The Design Experience

Start with your ideal ring and our team will turn that vision into a spectacular piece. From stone selection through setting and metals, our team custom builds each ring to your liking.

Premium Diamonds & Settings

Unlike retail stores, The Diamond Room stones are precision cut for optimal sparkle. Choose your exact specifications for both lab-grown and mined diamonds to perfectly fit your engagement ring.

The Private Jeweler Difference

It starts with the personal touch and private experience and ends with more value for your dollar – meaning bigger and higher-quality diamonds!

Custom Engagement Rings

Buying a Diamond Is Special

The Private Jeweler Experience means no out of the box rings. Sit down with our designers to build your dream ring, to your exact specifications. 

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Natural Diamond Rings: Trends for 2024

Natural Diamond Rings: Trends for 2024

In the world of fine jewelry, natural diamond rings stand as an enduring symbol of love and commitment. While classic designs never go out of style, contemporary trends can offer a fresh perspective on this timeless piece. Whether you're planning to pop the question...

Top 5 Trends in Gold Engagement Rings in 2024

Top 5 Trends in Gold Engagement Rings in 2024

Choosing an engagement ring is a significant decision. It's a symbol of love, commitment, and the start of a lifelong journey together. Gold engagement rings have always been a popular choice. Their timeless appeal and inherent value make them a classic choice for...

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We’re proud of our diamonds and our service and take pride in showing off our diamonds, customizing your engagement ring or showing you the perfect gift. Whether it’s a discreet session with you and Matt, or perhaps a Diamond Date Night for two with drinks and appetizes, schedule an appointment today.

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