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What makes a great diamond great?

Purchasing a diamond is a complicated process and one that many consumers isn’t familiar with. The Diamond Room has helped many first-time purchasers and seasoned jewelry collectors answer all of their questions and ensure they’re making an informed decision when they’re choosing their stones and creating their jewelry.

The Diamond Room’s education library answers many of our most frequently asked questions and more!


Diamond Educational Series

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Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. But how are you supposed to know which one to choose? 


Protect your investment with a full appraisal report ready for your insurance provider. 


Clarity is an important factor in determining a stone’s value. In this article you will learn more about diamond.


Carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds, gemstones and pearls. A stone’s carat is determined by weighing the stone and calculating the carat from there.

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