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Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. But how are you supposed to know which one to choose? And Cut doesn’t just refer to the shape, this is one of the largest determining factors of cost.


Sure, most of us know that lower color diamonds have yellow or warmer tones in them, right? Did you know that diamonds also come in a rainbow of colors? It might surprise you how diamonds are graded for their color.


What’s on the inside counts, right? It’s no different with diamonds! Here we dive into the diamonds and discuss what natural occurrences we find in diamonds and how they can effect value.


Carat is a size, right? WRONG! This might play a “big” role in the overall size and how big a diamond might look, however Carat is not a size!

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Natural Diamond Rings: Trends for 2024

Natural Diamond Rings: Trends for 2024

In the world of fine jewelry, natural diamond rings stand as an enduring symbol of love and commitment. While classic designs never go out of style, contemporary trends can offer a fresh perspective on this timeless piece. Whether you're planning to pop the question...

Top 5 Trends in Gold Engagement Rings in 2024

Top 5 Trends in Gold Engagement Rings in 2024

Choosing an engagement ring is a significant decision. It's a symbol of love, commitment, and the start of a lifelong journey together. Gold engagement rings have always been a popular choice. Their timeless appeal and inherent value make them a classic choice for...

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