The Diamond Room Presents: The Lab Grown Diamonds

A Lab Grown Diamond IS a REAL diamond, just like ice made in a refrigerator is still ice! Identical in every way to the finest diamonds dug from deep within the Earth. Both are essentially carbon formed into diamond crystals under intense heat and pressure.

And since they can create a more efficient crystal SHAPE, they don’t lose as much as
the diamond when they cut it.

So you get a bigger diamond for your money.

Lab Grown Diamonds FAQs

Will lab grown diamonds hold value?

Many people are asking whether or not lab grown diamonds will hold their value over time. This is a very tricky answer, however it is not much different than that answer for mined diamonds; it is as unpredictable as anything else long term. Nobody knows what will happen in regards to the value of anything, including lab grown diamonds. We also must define what kind of value is being referred to; appraisal value, retail value, fair market value, or resale value. While lab grown diamonds can be anywhere from 30-60% less than a comparable mined diamond, there are not many retailers that sell them yet. In the eyes of most that sell lab grown diamonds, there is a high perceived value, where there is a much smaller value to a jeweler that does not sell lab grown diamonds.

Will lab grown diamonds change color

Lab grown diamonds are indeed diamonds. Just like mined diamonds, although created by man in a lab, they will not change color unless under extreme heat, irradiation, or high pressure high temperature treatment.

Can lab grown diamonds be certified?

Lab Grown diamonds can be certified and graded by diamond grading laboratories. In fact, most lab created diamonds over 1/2ct come with diamond grading reports. International Gemological Information (IGI) and GCAL are the two laboratories most commonly hired to grade lab grown diamonds.

What does lab grown diamonds mean?

The term lab grown diamonds refers to the process in which diamonds are created by man in laboratories. Lab grown diamonds are indeed diamonds and maintain the same quality ranges and characteristics as mined diamonds. While they are valued 30-60% less than mined diamonds, the product is the same. Lab grown diamond means a diamond was created above ground, and mined diamonds were created in the ground.

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