Our custom pieces often are less expensive than pre-made…how?

We Cut Out The Middle Men


our overhead is way lower (not a retail store jeweler)

our price advantages = your bigger diamond!

If you can Dream it, we can do it.

Step 1: Book Your Appointment

Come, we’ll pour a drink and sit, we hear your wishes, then we together design the jewelry of your dreams.


Step 2: Draw a Series of Sketches

With an initial plan, we begin the design process. With your feedback along the way, we draw up a series of sketches, until we capture the “Dream Design”. 

step 3: create CAD 3d image

Then, we put your design into our digital CAD machine (Most think this is the “coolest” part of the custom design process). Once the CAD is ready you’ll receive a link with renderings of the ring that are pretty sweet: a 3D rotating view of the item. This will give you a fabulous view of your design. Here we also make any changes you may want.


Step 4: Rendering the wax model

Next, the physical model is made. We invite you to return to the Diamond Room, have another drink, and approve the wax model. With your approval, the design is cast in your chosen metal, stones are set, the piece is polished and like MAGIC, we present to you your totally unique, dream jewelry piece!

This is the easy, inspiring and FUN way to get the engagement ring or jewelry piece you really want.

Contact Us

We promise that you will be thrilled with your experience in The Diamond Room, and we can't wait to meet with you in a private virtual setting to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

“The majority of what we sell are actually custom pieces we created with our clients.”

~ Matt O’Desky, the Diamond Room