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Our Overhead is Way Lower (Not a Retail Store)

Our Price Advantages = Your Bigger Diamond

Build Your Dream Piece

Bring your idea to life with a custom jewelry design by the experts at The Diamond Room.

Whether you want to rework a vintage or heirloom piece of jewelry, or build a specialty piece to your specifications, the team at The Diamond Room is ready to sit down with you in our private showroom and make it a reality. From design sketches to material selections, our team of designers and craftsmen will turn your design into fine jewelry and support you during the entire process.

Our 4-Step Process

Book Your Appointment

Come in, we’ll pour a drink and sit, we hear your wishes, then we together design teh jewelry of your dreams.

Step 1

Hand Pick Diamond/Gemstone
& Design

Sit down with us one-on-one while we walk you thru the diamond world and turn you into a pro when discussing and understanding diamonds. Browse thru our hundreds of pieces in our Showrooms to help inspire your custom design. We will hold your hand. This is not scary, it’s fun.

Step 2

Create CAD 3D Image

With our custom designed rendering software, we will turn your design
into a realistic image and/or video of your design. You will receive a pictures, or a link with a pretty sweet 3D video of the design. This is our starting point for any design as we can make changes at your

Step 3


Once the design is approved, your work is done and ours continues as we print a 3D resin of your design, mix up some messy investment, wave some wands and POOF, you’re one-of-a-kind, piece is complete. Just as discussed, designed, in whichever metal you choose, ready for you to walk out wearing (or ready to present) your completely unique,
dream piece of custom jewelry.

Step 4

Get in Touch

We like being on first name basis, but it also help us get in touch with you

Connect With Us

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