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As COVID-19 changes everything around us, small businesses are having to drastically adapt in order to continue operating. Many are having to close their doors- some temporarily, some permanently- across the globe. As a small business ourselves, we’re committed to maintaining our operations virtually in order to still serve our clients while prioritizing their health and the health of our community.

 In addition, we truly appreciate everyone who reaches out to us during this time, and promise to support Texas communities and especially Small Businesses, however we can, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Introducing Virtual Appointments

Before the recent “shelter-in-place” laws, we were still operating on a by-appointment-only basis. Now, with the new laws, we’ve created a space virtually so you can still get the private jeweler experience from the comfort of your home. Here’s how it works:


Scheduling The Appointment

There are a few ways you can reach us to schedule an appointment; fill out a request form on our website, send us a message on social media (via Facebook or Instagram), or simply give us a call at our Austin (512) 458-4367 or Dallas (972) 431-0944 location. While we’re not operating from our offices currently, we are still able to answer the phones and conduct business as usual remotely.

When it comes time for your appointment, instead of traveling to our offices, we’ll set up a FaceTime, Duo, or Zoom conference to be able to meet “face-to-face.” This way, we can still give our clients part of The Diamond Room experience.


Choosing Your Diamond

If you’re looking to design an engagement ring, we’ll start with your center stone. We typically show all of our diamonds loose as it’s easiest to see any inclusions and their natural coloring this way. If the diamond is already set in a ring, sometimes inclusions could be hiding underneath a prong or, in the case of yellow gold, the coloring of the metal can actually reflect through the stone. This won’t change with our virtual appointments! We’ll still be able to show an array of loose stones varying in size, color, and clarity depending on what you’re looking for. The different environment will actually allow you to see each diamond in various lighting, so you can see which gives off the most sparkle under the sunlight.


Designing the Ring

Once you’ve picked a diamond, we’ll move on to designing your ring. If we have something in stock that you love, the process is simple: we’ll set your desired center stone in that piece. If you’re looking to custom design your engagement ring, we’ll work with you on specifics and begin drawing out what your dream ring might look like. Fortunately, from here, our custom process won’t need to change to adjust to our new virtual-only operation. We’ll continue rendering CAD (computer-aided design) images and finishing pieces per usual in the following few weeks.


One of our favorite parts of this industry is being able to deliver a finished piece we’ve designed and worked on with you. Unfortunately, because of the temporary laws, we’re not able to meet with our clients even if it’s just for a pick-up. However, we’re offering free shipping on any purchases so you’ll still be able to receive and enjoy your piece as soon as it’s completed.

Upon receiving your piece, we would love to be able to experience the viewing for the first time! We will schedule a FaceTime, Duo, or Zoom so we can be there when you open the box and see your reaction!


Support Small Business

We know how uncertain this time is for everyone, we’re right here with you. While we’re all stuck inside, we ask that you do whatever you can do to support small and local businesses. We’re all going to take a major hit during all of this and we need to do everything we can to support each other.

If you typically work with another local and independent jeweler, please let us know as we would like to include them and help support them as many of our colleagues are not as lucky as we are. 


One easy way to do this is to “like” us on Facebook, “follow” us on Instagram, and “share” all you can with your friends and family. We are (virtually) open, we are accepting appointments, and we would love your support.

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I grew up in Chicago where we always had a “Diamond District” – an area of town with a slew of buildings filled with dozens of private jewelry wholesalers and upstairs diamond dealers.

When I moved to Texas, and realized there were few if any private jewelers, and I knew what I should do: Deliver a far more personalized experience, in a far more relaxed and enjoyable environment than any department store jeweler could possibly offer.

And show my clients obviously better diamonds at clearly better prices.

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