Ultimate Birthstone Chart: Find Your Birthstone by Month

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Ever found yourself pondering which gemstone is your very own, aligned with the month you came into the world? Trust us, we get that curiosity—the pull toward finding that dazzling piece of jewelry that’s not just beautiful but also deeply personal.

So we rolled up our sleeves and dove headfirst into the glittering realm of gemstones to bring you a carefully curated guide. This treasure trove will reveal your unique birthstone and its rich meaning.

A birthstone jewelry set displayed on a vintage wooden jewelry box.

Ready to uncover the sparkling symbol that encapsulates your essence? Let’s embark on this radiant journey together with this Birthstone Chart!

Key Takeaways

  • Birthstones are gems that match each month and have their own meaning, like hope or strength.
  • There are both traditional and modern lists of birthstones; the modern list was made in 1912.
  • Some birthstones, like garnet for January or sapphire for September, come in lots of colors. Others, like peridot for August, only come in one color.
  • Pearls are unique because they grow inside water animals instead of on the earth.
  • Birthstone jewelry can be a personal gift because it connects to someone’s birth month and has special meanings.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Birthstones

An elegant woman wearing birthstone jewelry in a serene garden.

Each birthstone carries its own special meaning and symbolism. We take these precious stones seriously, knowing that many believe in their power to bring good luck or health. For centuries, people have cherished these gems not just for their beauty but also for the positive qualities they are thought to represent.

For example, emeralds are said to symbolize hope and renewal while diamonds often stand for strength and love that lasts forever.

Wearing your birthstone can feel very personal and powerful. It’s like having a piece of the universe that is just for you, reflecting your individual story through its unique color and sparkle.

These stones connect us with our month of birth, offering a link to history and tradition—like wearing a bit of time-honored wisdom every day. Some even think birthstones can protect them or heal them in tough times.

Whether it’s blue sapphires bringing calmness or opals inspiring creativity, picking out jewelry with your birthstone means choosing a companion that celebrates who you are inside and out.

Finding Your Birthstone by Month

A birthstone jewelry set displayed on a vintage wooden jewelry box.

Discover the gem that resonates with your birth month; a vibrant spectrum awaits to reveal a personal touchstone imbued with history and personal significance—keep reading to uncover the jewel that marks your journey through life.

January: Garnet


Birthstones like garnet are more than jewels—they tell a story about who you are. If your birthday is in January, wearing a garnet might bring you good health and strong relationships.

It stands out with its juicy red shade that some people might think looks like a ruby, but make no mistake—it has its own unique charm!

February: Amethyst

A woman wearing an elegant amethyst necklace in a tranquil garden.

We love how the amethyst brings a sense of peace to those born in February. This purple gem is all about spirituality and staying clear-headed. People have used it for years to help with meditation because it’s good at that.

You can find amethysts big enough to walk into, which is pretty amazing! They form in clusters and geodes that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Wearing an amethyst might make you feel calmer or more connected to your inner thoughts. It’s not just any stone; it has been special for a long time, helping people feel relaxed and focused.

If you’re looking for birthstone jewelry or just want a fine gem that means something deep, consider an amethyst – it could be the perfect thing for you!

March: Aquamarine

A sparkling aquamarine gemstone surrounded by peaceful ocean waves in nature.

If your birthday is in March, aquamarine is your special gem. Its blue color reminds people of the sea and it stands for truth, beauty, and faith. This stone also makes folks think about peace and calmness.

Not just pretty, aquamarines bring luck and keep you safe.

You can wear aquamarine as rings, necklaces, or even bracelets. They make great gifts because they mean good things for marriages and smart thinking. People say that wearing an aquamarine can help you feel better inside too!

April: Diamond

A close-up photo of sparkling diamonds against a white backdrop.

Diamonds shine bright as the birthstone for April. They symbolize purity and strength, making them perfect for those looking to show off their inner power. Many people dream of diamonds in an engagement ring, but these gems are more than just a sign of love.

We believe that wearing a diamond can make you feel strong and pure inside.

Our friends born in April get to enjoy the beauty of diamonds every day as their stone. Diamonds come in different colors too—not just the clear sparkle we all know. There are blue, pink, yellow, and many other shades that give each stone its unique charm.

When you wear your diamond birthstone this month or any time during the year, think about how special it is—hard like no other gemstone and with a brilliance that catches every eye!

May: Emerald

A stunning photo of emerald and pearl jewelry displayed on fresh green leaves.

We know the lush green emerald is May’s very own jewel. It shines with a rich color that brings to mind new leaves and fresh grass. People say emeralds stand for hope, rebirth, and love that lasts a long time.

We see them in beautiful rings or dangling earrings that catch the light and everyone’s gaze.

If you were born in May, wearing an emerald might bring a touch of wisdom and luck in your relationships. And let’s not forget pearls; they’re another gem linked with this month. Whether it’s an emerald or a pearl necklace around your neck, May’s stones are sure to make you feel special and loved.

June: Pearl/Alexandrite

A delicate pearl necklace resting on seashells on a sandy beach.

June brings a special surprise with not just one but two enchanting birthstones—pearl and alexandrite. Pearls shine with a soft glow, offering beauty that speaks of harmony, loyalty, and purity.

These gems come from the sea or are cultured carefully by experts. You can find them in stunning jewelry like rings or necklaces. Their timeless elegance makes them perfect for any outfit.

Alexandrite is rarer than pearls and quite magical too! It changes color from bluish-green in daylight to red when under dimmer lights at night. This gem stands for emotional healing, making it more than just pretty—it has deep meaning too.

Whether you choose pearl’s serene beauty or alexandrite’s changing colors, June’s birthstones bring their own unique touch of splendor to your life.

July: Ruby


We’ve got something special for those of you born in July—your birthstone is the ruby! This gem shines bright with its deep red color, showing off why it’s often called the king of precious gems.

People believe that wearing a ruby can keep bad things away and bring good luck into your life. Imagine slipping on a ring or necklace with this stone and feeling like nothing can stop you!

Rubies are not just about looks; they’re incredibly strong too, right behind diamonds. They remind us of love and passion, making them perfect for gifts when we want to show our hearts to someone.

If your birthday is in July or you’re shopping for someone who celebrates then, choosing ruby jewelry might be the best way to say “I care” without even using words!

August: Peridot

A woman wearing a peridot necklace stands in a sunlit garden.

Peridot shines with a lively lime green that captures the spirit of August. This gemstone stands out because it’s one of the few that comes in only one color, though shades can vary from yellow-green to olive.

It’s like having a piece of summer you can wear all year round! People say peridots bring good luck and peace to those who wear them.

For folks born in August, picking jewelry is fun with peridot. You have lots of choices—from sparkly rings to pretty earrings or elegant necklaces and bracelets. And if you love treasure stories, get this: pirates believed that peridots glowed even in the dark; they thought these gems would guide them safely at night.

Whether you’re sailing the seas or just going out for dinner, wearing a peridot might make your day (or night) shine brighter!

September: Sapphire

A stunning sapphire necklace displayed on a velvet jewelry stand.

We love celebrating birthdays with special gems, and September has one of the most beautiful stones: sapphire. This gem shines in deep blue and stands for peace, wisdom, and loyalty.

People believe that wearing a sapphire can protect them and bring true love into their lives.

Sapphires are strong stones used in many types of jewelry like engagement rings. Their timeless beauty lasts forever, making them perfect to wear at any time. If you were born in September or need a gift for someone who was a sapphire piece is sure to be cherished!

October: Opal/Tourmaline

A photo featuring shimmering opal and tourmaline gemstones in a natural setting.

If you’re born in October, your birthstones are opal and tourmaline. These gems are famous for their dazzling colors. Opal is like a rainbow caught in a rock. It shines many colors when light hits it just right.

People say opals carry hope, innocence, and purity. They come from the family of silica minerals.

Tourmaline is special because it has so many colors. One kind people love is Watermelon Tourmaline – it looks just like the fruit with green on the outside and red inside! This gem grows in long tubes with lots of colors layered together.

Some believe tourmalines can help calm nerves and protect wearers from harm.

Both these treasures have their charm and stories to tell – whether you crave the changing hues of opal or the rich palette found in tourmaline stones, there’s beauty waiting for October babies to discover!

November: Topaz

A woman wearing a radiant topaz necklace surrounded by warm autumn colors.

We know you’ll love Topaz if you’re born in November. This stunning gem comes in many different colors, but the golden yellow version is especially popular. People have loved Topaz for a long time because it stands for being loyal, kind, and healing.

If you’ve got friends with birthdays this month, a piece of topaz jewelry could be the perfect gift to show them how much they mean to you.

The beautiful stone isn’t just nice to look at; some folks believe it can help with health issues like trouble breathing. It’s part of a special list by the American National Association of Jewelers from 1912 that names each month’s birthstone.

Whether or not you think about its healing properties, we think wearing topaz might make any day better!

December: Tanzanite


Tanzanite shines as December’s birthstone, with its striking blue-violet sparkle. This gem is more than just a pretty face—it is thought to bring wealth and strength. People also believe it protects them from harm and helps them connect with the spiritual world.

We love tanzanite because it’s so rare. You can only find this stone in one part of the world: Tanzania. Its unique color sets it apart from other gems. If you’re born in December, wearing tanzanite might feel extra special knowing you have something that not many others do!

In-depth Look at Specific Birthstones

A display of birthstones in a museum-like setting with diverse models.

Delving deeper, we’ll explore the hidden wonders and lesser-known facets of select gems from our chart. Each stone tells a unique story, rich with history and personal significance—we’re here to uncover these treasured narratives for you.

Garnet: A Stone of Rainbow Splendor

A collection of vibrant garnet jewelry displayed on colorful gemstones.

Garnet is more than just a pretty stone; it’s full of life and love. For those born in January, this gem shines with a light that seems to come from within. It dazzles in red but can surprise you with a whole rainbow of colors.

We cherish garnets for their warmth and beauty, often setting them in jewelry like necklaces or rings.

This stone isn’t only about looks—it also carries deep meaning. People believe garnets have the power to heal and protect the heart. They’re perfect gifts for 20th or 35th anniversaries, reminding couples of enduring affection and shared strength.

With each piece of garnet jewelry worn, stories of passion and resilience pass on through generations.

Diamond: The April Gemstone

Diamonds truly are a special gift for anyone born in April. These gems shine bright and come in many colors, but they all share a symbol of pure strength. People have loved diamonds for ages because they’re so tough and last forever.

This makes them perfect to show eternal love.

We see diamonds everywhere, especially in jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They catch the eye and make any outfit look amazing. Choosing a diamond means picking something that will stand out and never go out of style.

Whether it’s a simple piece or something more dazzling, diamond jewelry is always a heart-winning choice.

Pearl: The Dual Gem of June

Pearls are special. They are the birthstones for June and make great gifts for 30-year wedding anniversaries. Unlike other stones, pearls come from the sea. This makes them organic, not mined like most gems.

Pearls can be white or many other colors too. People all over love these shiny beads, especially brides on their big day.

Long ago, a man named Aaron wore a breastplate with lots of different stones. Each stone stood for one tribe of Israel. The pearl was there to represent Zebulun’s tribe. Even though pearls aren’t minerals or typical gemstones, they still shine bright in our hearts and jewelry boxes.

Sapphire: The Blue Jewel of September

Sapphires are really special. They’re not just blue; they can be a bunch of colors, but the deep blue ones are for people born in September. These gems mean a lot – they stand for things like calm, smart thinking, and being true to friends and family.

We love that sapphire is also perfect for celebrating the 5th or 45th year of marriage. It’s part of the corundum family, which is pretty amazing because it’s so strong and shining.

Its connection to Saturn makes it extra cool—ancient stories tell us it was super valuable to this distant planet. If your birthday is in September or you’re hunting for that anniversary gift, think about sapphire!

Trivia and Interesting Facts Related to Birthstones

A person wearing birthstone jewelry in a natural setting.

We love sharing cool stuff about birthstones. Here are some fun facts and trivia that you might not know.

  • Every month has a special stone that can mean something to people born in that month.
  • Long ago, people thought wearing the stone from your birth month would bring good luck and protect you.
  • The idea of birthstones can be traced back to ancient times with the twelve tribes of Israel. Each tribe had a gemstone on the high priest’s breastplate.
  • Kings and queens wore amethyst thousands of years ago because they believed it stopped them from getting drunk.
  • Pirates were into aquamarine as they said it guarded them against dangers at sea.
  • Diamonds were once called “Adamas,” which means unbeatable in Greek because they’re so hard.
  • Cleopatra loved emeralds a lot. People in old Egypt mined these green gems before anyone else did.
  • Pearls are different from other birthstones since they come from water animals, not the earth like other gems do.
  • Rubies can be even more pricey than diamonds when they are nice stones with a perfect red color.
  • Not all sapphires are blue; some can be pink, yellow, or green too.
  • Opals show many colors all mixed and every single one looks unique—no two opals are the same!
  • For hundreds of years, people have thought Topaz could cool down hot tempers and stop bad dreams.


A person wearing birthstone jewelry in a field of blooming flowers.

Birthstones are special gems that add sparkle to our lives. Each month has its own shining stone, full of meaning and history. Whether you wear it for style or feel its deeper connection, your birthstone is a unique part of who you are.

Enjoy discovering these treasures and find the one that’s just right for you! Let them brighten your days and become a cherished piece of your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a birthstone chart?

A birthstone chart is a list of precious and semi-precious stones where each type of gem corresponds to a month or zodiac sign. It helps you find which stone is yours based on when you were born.

2. Can you tell me the birthstones for each month?

Of course! Here they are:

  • January’s stone is garnet.
  • February has amethyst.
  • March is Aquamarine.
  • April gets a diamond.
  • May celebrates with emerald.
  • June glitters with Pearl/Alexandrite.
  • July shines with ruby.
  • August glows with Peridot
  • September’s gem is sapphire.
  • October offers opal and tourmaline.
  • November features topaz and citrine.
  • December sparkles with Tanzanite.

3. Are there different types of gems for each month?

Yes, some months have more than one option, like blue topaz or blue zircon for December. And organizations like the International Gem Society keep track of them all.

4. Do birthstones connect to my zodiac sign as well?

They sure do! Each zodiac sign also has related gems that add even more choices, such as yellow sapphire for Sagittarius or rose quartz for Taurus.

5. How did we start using birthstones?

The idea began long ago with the breastplate of the high priest from ancient stories – it had twelve stones representing tribes but became linked to months and signs over time.

6. Where can I learn more about my specific birthstone?

Great question! The Gemological Institute of America provides lots of info on different gems including color, history, and how to care for them so your stone stays beautiful forever!

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