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Jewelry shopping, while fun and exciting, can be a complex experience. Navigating the
showroom, working with salespeople, and getting your questions answered is not always easy
and despite your best efforts, you might leave empty-handed.
However, at The Diamond Room, we believe in delivering a different kind of jewelry shopping
experience that makes the process simple, fun, and memorable. Whether you’re a first-time
shopper or a seasoned pro, here’s what you can expect when you visit our stores.

1. Private Jewelry Experience

Shopping in large jewelry stores crowded with other customers gives you limited access to staff
to ask questions and view different pieces. This means you might have to make
multiple trips to get answers and make your selection, prolonging the time between you and
your diamonds.
At the Diamond Room, every customer has an appointment where they can shop privately. You will be the
only one in our store as you shop, giving you the freedom to relax, ask questions, discuss your
options and get exactly what you’re looking for in one visit! We want you to enjoy the entire jewelry buying experience and strive to make you as comfortable as possible. Relax with a drink while you browse our selection; free to ask as many questions as you would like.

2. Expert Staff

The last thing you want is a hovering, badgering salesperson watching your every move as you
look for your next purchase. Our staff is here to help you along your jewelry buying journey, not pressure you. Our jewelers are well-versed in fine jewelry, offering knowledge on which pieces will work
best for every lifestyle. We even provide appraisals if you are
looking to sell or trade your unwanted jewelry. Our top priority is you, and we will do anything to make your experience memorable.

3. Custom Jewelry Options

Sometimes we have a vision in our heads that just isn’t available in a jewelry store, or we want to create a truly unique and one-of-kind piece but are unsure where to start.
With The Diamond Room’s custom design capabilities, we can make your vision come to life in
just a few steps. First, you’ll book your appointment, and we’ll greet you with a welcome drink and
invite you to start talking about the jewelry of your dreams. From there, we’ll draw up some
sketches, and with your feedback along the way, we’ll make changes until we capture exactly what you had in mind.

Next, we’ll put your design into our digital CAD machine–most guests say this is the coolest part
of the process. You’ll receive a link with renderings of your piece, complete with a 3D rotating
view so you can see it from every angle. We’ll make any changes you want, then let you
preview a wax model of your ring. Once you approve the wax version, we’ll have the design
created exactly as you envisioned with glistening diamonds and your metal of choice!
The options are endless with our custom design options. It’s an easy, inspiring, and fun way to have the jewelry of your dreams!

4. Stunning Diamonds

Just as we give an experience like no other, our diamonds are like no others on the market.
When you visit many showrooms, you may find cloudy, poorly cut diamonds that have already
lost their luster. However, we’re an “upstairs jeweler,”–we cut out the middlemen to keep our
overhead low. We either hand-pick or direct source every single diamond we sell. That means
you’ll get high-quality, stunning diamonds that are bigger, better, and often more affordable than other jewelers’.

5. Special Experiences

We sell a lot of engagement rings at our stores, and we know how momentous and exciting it is
to shop for the perfect symbol of your love. So, let’s make it a date night with our Diamond
Date Night! As you browse our selection, you and your soon-to-be fiance will be treated to drinks and
a personalized playlist. After you’ve had time to view our incredible selection of
rings, you’ll be whisked off to nearby dinner reservations to celebrate. This special night marks
the start of your forever, and we’re here to make it unforgettable.
Whether you’re new to fine jewelry or are returning to us once again, you’ll be enamored by our
expertise, atmosphere, and beautiful pieces at the Diamond Room. Book your appointment
today and come experience our store for yourself.


Diamond Date Night

Choose your music, pour a drink, enjoy some superb hors d’oeuvres and explore the most romantic way to buy a diamond. Learn how you can schedule a Diamond Date Night.

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Matt O'Desky

I grew up in Chicago where we always had a “Diamond District” – an area of town with a slew of buildings filled with dozens of private jewelry wholesalers and upstairs diamond dealers.

When I moved to Texas, and realized there were few if any private jewelers, and I knew what I should do: Deliver a far more personalized experience, in a far more relaxed and enjoyable environment than any department store jeweler could possibly offer.

And show my clients obviously better diamonds at clearly better prices.

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