Diamonds always came from below, until some came from above

For centuries, ancient alchemists tried to create gold. Nobody guessed we’d discover how to make DIAMONDS first.

Through a magical combination of chemistry and electricity, We have finally mastered the art of diamond creation. And they are truly amazing to behold.


A created diamond IS a REAL diamond, just like ice made in a refrigerator is still ice! Identical in every way to the finest diamonds
dug from deep within the Earth. Both are essentially carbon formed into diamond crystals under intense heat and pressure.
  • A Created Diamond is not “synthetic” or “modified.”
  • A Created Diamond is 100 percent diamond.
  • A Created Diamond has no history except the history YOU give it.

You must witness it

And since they can create more a efficient crystal SHAPE, they don’t lose as much of the diamond when they cut it. So you get a bigger diamond for your money.

“Created diamonds are real diamonds, just like ice made in a refrigerator is real ice!”

~ Matt O’Desky, the Diamond Room

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