Princess Cut Diamonds

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Princess Cut Diamonds

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Introduction to the Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond has quickly become one of the most sought-after cuts of diamonds around the world. Its unique shape and sparkle have made it a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry settings. The history of this diamond cut dates back to the 1960s when it was pioneered by Arpad Nagy, a mechanical engineer from London. It is believed to be the second most popular diamond cut after round brilliants due to its stylish square shape and brilliant facets that give it a unique sparkle.

Advantages of Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and sparkle, with their angular style catching the light in spectacular ways. The “square” shape makes them ideal for setting into jewelry such as engagement rings or eternity bands as they can show off their beauty more effectively than round cuts. Additionally, princess cuts are also more affordable than other diamond shapes due to fewer wastage during cutting which makes them accessible to many more potential buyers than more expensive shapes such as Asscher or Cushion Cuts.

Popularity Among Consumers

Since its inception in the late 1960s, princess cut diamonds have seen increased popularity among consumers looking for something different with which to adorn themselves or someone special. Their uniqueness is what sets princess cut diamonds apart from other kinds of diamonds; their distinctive appearance and exceptional sparkle make them an attractive option for those wanting something truly timeless in a piece of jewelry.

Furthermore, countless celebrities have been spotted flocking towards this remarkable cut as seen on many awards shows such as Grammy’s and Emmy’s where some A-listers had donned beautiful pieces featuring sparkling princess cuts centerpieces or sides stones; further adding credibility among everyday people.

Care Tips for Princess Cut Diamonds

As with any kind of diamond jewelry care must be taken when caring for your princess cut diamond set pieces so that they last you many years to come and stay looking just as stunning they did once they were first purchased. First and foremost ensure that your pieces are cleaned regularly with a soft cloth specifically designed with non-abrasive material since regular household cleaning supplies may harm the delicate metals used within these pieces; either surface damage or discoloration may occur if care isn’t taken properly so keep these tips at heart when handling your precious jewels!

Additionally, inspect your pieces carefully before putting on or storing away in order to prevent any form of prong bending or loosening which could result exposure of the stone over time should not go unnoticed; consider taking them into professionals if you do not feel confident doing so yourself in order get it checked every year during routine maintenance check ups!

The princess cut is an iconic design with its 58 symmetrical facets creating immense fire and brilliance perfect for making a lasting impression on any special occasion whether it be an engagement ring proposal or anniversary present! Its resounding popularity has endured throughout decades reaching far beyond borders making it still an extremely desirable option on items like rings, necklaces & earrings amongst others! With excellent care & maintenance tips even smaller inscribed diamonds can remain cherished & preserved through generations passed down through family members ensuring its popularity will continue strong well into future generations!

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