The Oval Cut Diamond

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The Oval Cut Diamond

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The oval cut diamond is a timeless and classic gemstone, often used in engagement rings and jewelry pieces due to its unique shape. This type of diamond was first developed in the 19th century by Italian designer Vincenzo Peruzzi and has since become one of the most sought-after shapes, making it a classic choice when it comes to selecting diamonds for rings or any other type of jewelry. Oval cut diamonds come in various sizes and carat weights, making them customizable for everyone. This type of diamond is also known for its distinctive brilliance and fire, as the elongated shape allows light to travel through the stone more efficiently and give it a brilliant sparkle. Furthermore, the different facets on an oval cut diamond have the potential to add a great deal of complexity to any piece of jewelry making it truly unique.

oval cut diamond

The oval cut diamond emerged in the market due to a collaboration between Italian designer, Vincenzo Peruzzi and French jewelry maker, Lazare Kaplan. Together they created a unique and sophisticated design that quickly became a signature among jewelers. This diamond shape was based off of the traditional round brilliant cut, with it’s 57 facets that provide extra sparkle and fire to the diamond. The Oval cut is also known for having a deeper depth than other stone shapes which allows for more light return, giving it an impressive array of brilliance and fire. The popularity of this type of diamond increased further in the 1950s when American actor Richard Burton gifted an extremely large oval cut diamond to his wife Elizabeth Taylor as part of their wedding gift. This iconic moment in history has been firmly rooted in people’s minds ever since therefore making the Oval cut diamond an even more desirable choice for those looking for the perfect sparkle from their gemstone.

Oval Cut Diamond Pros & Cons

The oval cut diamond has many advantages that have made it a desirable and beautiful choice for engagement rings and jewelry pieces. The elongated shape of the oval cut emphasizes the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond, while providing more depth compared to round brilliant cuts. This combination makes the diamond appear much larger than other shapes despite being relatively small in size, making it perfect for those looking for an economical option without sacrificing sparkle. Additionally, its unique shape offers certain subtle details that can be further highlighted with its different facets.

On the other hand, there are certain limitations when it comes to selecting an Oval cut diamond. Due to its size, oval diamonds are not ideal for carvings or any detailed decorations such as engravings or coatings as they may be lost within the gemstone’s curves. Additionally, this shape is known to be quite fragile so it will require extra care and attention when handling it in order to avoid any possible damages. Finally, the Oval cut diamond tends to lose some of its light return if set in wide bands which means that if you’re going for a minimalist look then this type of stone might not be the ideal option.

The oval cut diamond has experienced an upsurge in popularity over the years, particularly since its initial appearance in the 1950s. This diamond shape is known for providing extra sparkle and fire that sets it apart from round brilliant or princess cuts and for providing a sophisticated look to any piece. Its unique design also allows it to be set in wide bands without losing too much of its light return which makes it perfect for minimalistic looks and engagement rings.

The demand for this type of diamond has increased due to celebrities constantly featuring them, such as Richard Burton’s Oval cut diamond being gifted to Elizabeth Taylor as part of their wedding, making it a symbol of romance and style that everyone wanted. Its versatility was also another factor for why it started becoming so popular- its elongated shape can make any piece look more elaborate, romantic and vibrant while staying relatively small at the same time. As a result, people were willing to put more money into purchasing this type of gemstone because they knew they’d be acquiring an exquisite product with a timeless sparkle that will last them a lifetime.

While oval cut diamonds are considered to be very versatile and beautiful stones, they do come with their own care requirements that one must keep in mind. It’s important to handle them delicately as their curved shape can make them more fragile when compared to other shapes. This means that you should avoid wearing this type of diamond while performing manual tasks or strenuous activities.

It’s also important to clean your oval cut diamond regularly with a soft brush and mild detergent as it is prone to attracting dirt due to its unique shape and size. If possible, try using a jeweler’s loupe or 10x magnification lens in order to look for any scratches or chips that may have occurred since the last cleaning session. Additionally, you should avoid exposing this type of diamond to chlorine or bleach as these substances can cause discoloration over time. Finally, make sure the stone is stored carefully in a soft pouch or fabric wrap inside a box away from direct sunlight which could slowly damage its color quality over time.

Celebrities and notable public figures have long held a fondness of oval cut diamonds; they are often seen as symbols of luxury and grandeur. As mentioned above, one of the most famous examples of an oval cut diamond being gifted to a celebrity is when Richard Burton gifted Elizabeth Taylor with 33.19 carats worth of these stones during their wedding ceremony in 1964. Other celebrities who were either gifted or wore an oval cut diamond include; Beyonce, who wore an 18-carat stone during her “On The Run Tour”, Kim Kardashian, who was given a 15-carat stone by husband Kanye West for their wedding anniversary, and Halle Berry, who was given a 16-carat diamond by her then-fiance Olivier Martinez.

Oval diamonds also have notable history behind them from centuries ago; the most noteworthy being the Regent Diamond which was mined in India. This unusual 410-carat diamond was part of the crown jewels from France until it was sold off in the 18th century after being stolen from Marie Antoinette’s coronation ceremony in 1787. Its beauty and opulent nature made it one of the greatest gems known today as people still marvel and admire its stunning shape today.

The time-honored and ever-popular oval cut diamond is a timeless accessory that has stood the test of time, seen on the wrists, fingers, and necks of celebrities throughout history. It’s carved to catch the light and offer an enticing sparkle that makes it stand out from other shapes. Its durability and long life make it an ideal choice for an heirloom or piece of jewelry that can be worn with pride. The classic curves of an oval cut diamond adds a sense of elegance and sophistication regardless of its size that is unrivaled by any other type of diamond.

Settings for Oval Cut Diamonds

When it comes to diamond cuts, the oval cut is one of the most popular shapes and is often seen adorning engagement rings, pendants and other fine jewelry. But what are its pros and cons, and what types of settings are best suited for it

When choosing an oval cut diamond, there are a few points to consider. On one hand, the elongated shape gives off an impressive sense of size and is able to refract more light than other shaped diamonds because of its 55 or 58 facets. On the other hand, it can be prone to chipping or cracking if not set correctly.

As such, when selecting a setting for your oval cut diamond, look for ones that provide secure protection from wear-and-tear while allowing the stone to shine brightly. Such settings include classic solitaire prong settings – which keep the stone in place with four or six metal “claws” – as well as tension mounts – which suspend the diamond within a metal frame for maximum brilliance. Halo settings also pair well with oval diamonds by surrounding them with smaller stones that help enhance their luster and sparkle even further.

No matter what style you choose, take extra care when setting your oval cut diamond so as to ensure its longevity and beauty.

It’s no wonder why so many royals, celebrities, and public figures have chosen to wear or gift oval cut diamonds as tokens of their love; due to its eye-catching beauty and unmistakable signature, it will continue to be one of the most popular choices for those looking for a unique way to express themselves and spark conversation amongst others.

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