4 Popular Men’s Wedding Ring Trends of 2022

by | Apr 15, 2022 | custom rings

Men's Wedding Rings

When wedding bells are ringing, most people look forward to catching a glimpse of the bride’s wedding ring. However, men’s wedding rings are not to be overlooked. With just as many styles and design options as womens’ rings, men’s wedding rings can be just as eye-catching and beautiful to admire. Just as bridal rings evolve to incorporate new fashion trends, preferences in men’s rings also change over time. They may incorporate functional designs to work with your lifestyle or hold sentimental meaning to symbolize your love for one another.

Whether you’re a fashion-forward groom or prefer simpler styles, getting to know a few of the most popular men’s wedding ring trends of 2022 can help inspire some ideas.

1) Celtic Knot Men’s Wedding Ring

The Celtic knot ring offers a meaningful way to represent how you feel towards your partner with its swooping, elegant designs. The Celtic Knot symbolizes unification and eternal love, which is a perfect way to showcase your love for each other. This ring can come in many different metals, from classic gold and silver to trendy platinum and tungsten. In addition to the long curved lines, the ring can also be decorated with gems or other customizations to meet your unique needs.

2) Black Cobalt Men’s Wedding Ring

This trendy ring design offers a straight black pattern with silver undertones. The black cobalt ring offers a stylish contrasting look, and fine cuts can add to the band to make it even more
distinctive. It’s also non-tarnishing and non-corrosive, so it’s easy to care for and keep looking great for years to come. Cobalt rings can not be re-sized, so make sure you have an accurate ring size before you purchase one. The specialists at The Diamond Room can help ensure your new ring fits you perfectly!

3) Dual Toned Wedding Ring

As the name suggests, dual-toned rings offer a chance to include two different colored metals in the wedding ring. With two tones, your wedding ring can be designed to match virtually any other jewelry piece you wear, such as cufflinks or watches. Popular color choices include white and yellow gold, silver and rose gold, and tungsten. Additionally, using two different metals ensures the ring will not tarnish as easily. Dual-toned rings are also great to match a design element in your partner’s ring. For example, if your partner’s ring has colored elements, adding a tone that matches those colors can complement the two rings nicely.

4) Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring

Gemstones aren’t just for brides. Men’s rings can be adorned with diamonds, either as a central focus or as an added texture on a simple band. Whether you prefer a subtle shine or an impactful center stone, a diamond can add a powerful dimension to any ring.

If you are shopping for a men’s wedding ring, you have many options at your disposal. The Diamond Room team can help guide you along your journey to choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring. Our wedding rings are custom designed specifically for you and your unique needs. The private jeweler experience we provide our customers is unmatched, and we think you will love working with our specialists one-on-one.  Call us today or book an appointment to learn more!


Still need inspiration, here’s a cool look at the history of men’s wedding bands https://www.salonprivemag.com/wedding-rings-the-ancient-origin-and-history/

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