Choose the right earrings for you
Earrings are an essential jewelry item to any ensemble, enhancing your overall appearance and shaping the face. 

This staple accessory has been popular since ancient times when used as a protective defense from unwanted spirits. However, In more recent times, earrings have become a popular means for highlighting beauty, adding definition to facial features, and symbolizing maturity in those that wear them. The jewelry experts at The Diamond Room will provide the expertise you need to help you choose the right earrings for you.

How to compliment your features with Diamond earrings:

Whether you’re browsing the jewelry stores in Texas or shopping online, it is important to consider the style, color, and quality of the earrings’ you wish to purchase.

Many sets such as simple studs are versatile and worn for almost anything and everything, but certain jewelry may only be suitable for special occasions or preferable for a certain skin type or hairstyle. The jewelry industry is a vast and well-stocked market, so preparing yourself before hitting the stores will help you to navigate the minefield of a market with endless options and styles. 

Match Your Earrings to Features

You can tell a lot about a person through their face, including their jewelry preference. Earrings can help to shape the face, highlight eye color, or complement your skin tone, so matching the right pair to your features can be advantageous to achieving the perfect look.

Our facial features are unique to us, which makes determining the right pair of earrings difficult without the correct guidance or knowledge. Thankfully the general guidelines for choosing the right pair have remained largely the same over the years and can help to determine which earrings match your features.


Face shapes 

If you have an Oval facial shape, your face will narrow towards your chin. The forehead will not be too wide, and the lines of your forehead will blend in with your cheekbones.  Although your forehead will not be too wide, its lines will also blend with your cheekbones. Oval face shapes are highly versatile and can wear many styles, but we highly recommend pearls and oval-shaped earrings as the first choice. 

Here is an example from our collection, these are princess cut diamond stud earrings. 

Princess diamond studs


A heart-shaped face can be indicated by the size of your forehead, which will be wider than your cheeks, whereas the lower end of your face will be narrow. Styles with a wide bottom and soft curves can help to balance your features.

Below is an earring example perfect for a heart-shaped face, these are 14kt white gold diamond drop earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

If your face is wider at your cheekbones, you have a rounder facial shape. Large circular earrings will only over-emphasize the roundness of your face, so aim for longer earrings to elongate the face.

Shown below are 14kt yellow gold drop earrings, with amethyst & blue topaz stones. 

14kt Yellow Gold Amethyst & Blue Topaz Drop Earrings


A square-shaped face may have a jawline, cheek, and forehead structure of similar size. Choose earrings to help soften the face’s natural angles, such as styles with rounded edges. Small to large hoops are a great choice for this facial shape as well as many medium to long length styles. 

These diamond and rose gold earrings from our product line are perfect for square-shaped faces.

Rose Gold Earrings

If your face is long, explore round styles of earrings such as studs, hoops, or dangling earrings in a medium to large size. Any type of round-shaped earrings will widen your face, creating a fuller overall appearance. 

These 14kt white gold diamond stud earrings complement well for individuals with long faces. 

Diamond Studs


Consider your bone structure

Similar to your facial shape, bone structure can be used as a reference to determine which earrings style will help highlight the specific features of your face. 

A large, solid bone structure can accommodate heavier earring styles, with more weight and dramatic styles.

These diamond and emerald earrings are another example from our collection.

Diamond and Emerald Earrings

A smaller bone structure should opt for small, delicate, and toned-down designs.

These round martini diamond studs are perfect for a smaller bone structure. 

Martini Diamond Studs


Gold or silver for your skin tone? 

Jewelry sits close to your skin, complementing your natural color. Identifying your skin tone can help you determine the colors that blend better with your skin’s undertone colors. Warmer undertones work well with gold and copper metals, whereas silver will suit those with blue and pink undertones in their skin. 

Determine your undertone colors by examining your veins under natural light. Green veins suggest a warmer gold undertone. If you see blue or purple, your color is a cooler silver. Other factors, such as your skin’s reaction to the sun and eye color, can help you pinpoint your skin tone and the correct jewelry to enhance your natural glow. Darker skin, hair, and eye color will work best with warmer tones of gold. Those with blue eyes, blonde hair who burn easily in the sun should opt for cooler silvers.

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Although there are many ways to find jewelry to showcase your best features, the most important part of your decision is making sure you are happy and comfortable with your purchase. If you’re struggling to locate the perfect set of earrings for you, our team at The Diamond Room is here to help you! Not only do we have a variety of earrings to choose from, but we can also create a custom pair unique to you! Let us help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today and let us help you choose the right earrings for you.

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