Engagement Ring Trends for the 2021 Winter Season

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Winter 2021 Engagement ring trends

Proposal season is just around the corner! Although weddings take center stage in the warmer months, the winter season can bring more romance than just log fires and cuddling up on chilly dark nights. With over 40% of engagements taking place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it’s not uncommon to see prospective grooms eagerly eyeing up jewelry counters in the search for the perfect ring to pop the big question. 

With a well-stocked market catering to every style and taste, it can often be overwhelming to find the perfect ring for your partner, so make sure to research different designs, styles, and trends before hitting the stores. Our team at the Diamond Room are always on hand to guide couples through the integral engagement ring purchase, from creating bespoke designs to sizing for a flawless finish. 

The popular ring choices of the season

For this upcoming winter, it’s not a surprise to see the traditional diamond ring as one of the top choices for the season. A timeless classic, cherished for its breath-taking beauty and a symbol of love and devotion, the diamond ring is the grandest of gestures for future brides. However, this winter it’s not all about the traditions!

Although the engagement ring will never stray far from classic, refined designs, this season favored an extra touch of sparkle and color to previously traditional styles. The past 2 years have showcased a creative shift from conventional proposals to the innovative alternatives we admired in the lockdowns of 2020/21, from rooftop proposals to ‘zoom’ ceremonies. In embracing this artistic blend of old and new, we’ve listed below some of the upcoming engagement ring trends to look out for this season.  

 Add a personal touch with Colourful Gemstones 

Diamonds were always a girl’s best friend, except now they don’t have to be. Colored gemstones are the perfect way to demonstrate to your significant other how well you really know her, by incorporating her favorite color into a ring she’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

If your partner doesn’t have a particular favorite to choose from, a gemstone synonymous with the month you met, an anniversary, or a birthday can also add that unique, personal touch to make your ring extra special. 

Find something old, and something new, with a Vintage Ring.

The perfect blend of traditional classics and creative thinking, the vintage ring is a touch of nostalgia paired with a flawless diamond at the forefront. These designs are the ideal choice for future brides who share an appreciation for timeless designs and historical craftsmanship, creating a fine balance between ‘something old’ and ‘something new’. Unlike conventional rings, antiques never fall out of fashion, making them a choice for a lifetime. 

Choose a Halo for tradition with a sparkle of uniqueness

A cherished style for many brides, the Halo engagement ring is an honorary revival to the traditional diamond classic. Rising in popularity again this year, brides-to-be are fawning over this particular ring for more than just its sparkle. A growing demand for customized and unique ‘halo’ shapes, which wrap gently around a gemstone of choice, has offered a welcomed opportunity for those looking to add a personal touch to faithful classic designs. 

Bring your own visions to life with customization  

You want your engagement ring to be as personal and unique as your love. So why not make your own? One of our favorites in this season line-up is the welcomed popularity in customized styles! The creativity and dedication taken to create a ring from scratch is an unforgettable gesture for your special someone, showcasing your dedication and commitment to the relationship. 2021 has seen a welcomed interest from loved struck couples to bring their own visions to life in all aspects of their proposal, including the engagement ring, exploring gemstones, and personalized designs with the help of professional jewelers. 

Choose the Diamond Room for your Bespoke Design

The Diamond Room specializes in designing custom engagement rings for couples that know they deserve something special. Our customization services offer dream designs with professional craftsmanship to create a bespoke ring unique to you. From choosing your special gemstone to the unforgettable final details, we’ll work with you every step of the way for a personalized and flawless finish.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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