engagement ring doesn't have to be a diamond

If you have started thinking of proposing to your partner, you might be asking yourself, does an engagement ring have to be a diamond? The short answer is no, and we have a variety of options for engagement rings that fit your unique style. Preparing for the big proposal can be a nerve-wracking time, from planning the location to choosing the perfect ring for your partner. The engagement ring is one of the most integral parts of the proposal, symbolizing the promise and devotion you are committing to your partner. 

Couples can spend an average of three months ring shopping, taking their time to consider and review all options on the market. As there isn’t one size to fit all for future grooms or brides (similar to the ring itself), many factors such as style and fashion come to that of the individual. The traditional diamond is the most popular gemstone choice among ring designs, but there are many other options to consider before making your big proposal.


Why you should consider a diamond engagement ring:

Sitting as a centerpiece of the ring, your choice of stone will define your engagement ring. Diamonds are the most traditional and popular choice due to their appearance and practicality. The grandest of gestures to show your commitment and devotion to your special someone. But that’s not the only reason diamonds are the number one choice for proposals. 


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and built with a hardy substance, Diamond rings are a purchase that can last a lifetime – as the saying goes, “diamonds are forever.” Their neutrality of color creates a versatile ring for day-to-day life without clashing against clothing or hair and skin tone. The everlasting and everyday presence of the diamond ring is seen by many as a reflection of the couple’s relationship and next chapter together; the diamond is a symbol of the eternal and lifelong commitment together that will last the lifetime that they promised to spend together. 


Alternative gemstones for your engagement ring: 

Although the most popular ring of choice for today’s engagements, diamonds were not always the style of choice for proposing partners. In the early 1900s, these popular stones were one of many options until the De Beers campaign launch in 1938. This decade-long, multi-million dollar campaign crowned Diamonds the number one choice in the ring market, a title that continues to reign today.


However, a new trend today has seen couples exploring other options in their purchases, either looking for alternatives to suit their partner’s unique tastes or cost-effective styles for different budgets. Whatever your reasons for considering other stones to the traditional diamond, here are a few popular choices to consider:  


Agate: Ranging in colors such as green, purple, red, and blue, Agate derives from volcanic rock and symbolizes strength and protection in a relationship, similar to the commitments laid out in vows shared with one another. 


Apatite: a mineral found in colors such as blue, purple, and pink, Apatite conveys the blending of the old and the new. Couples may choose Apatite to symbolize their next step from their old relationship to their new journey as a couple.


Garnet: commonly associated with the color red, this popular jewelry choice signifies a commitment and devotion to one another, an important promise a couple made during the proposal.


Opal: found in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, purple, and red; Opal symbolizes the love and creativity of a relationship, reflecting on how a couple can inspire each other through their commitment to each otherLove, passion, lightness, inspiration, creativity, and spontaneity.

Ruby: this pink to blood-red colored gemstone conveys the love and friendship shared between two people, symbolizing fire, happiness, and opening of the heart.


Sapphire: popular until the 1900s, sapphires once basked in the glory that Diamonds experienced today as the gemstone of choice for brides and grooms to be. They are commonly seen in royal blue. 


Emerald: one of the rarest gemstones, the Emerald symbolizes royalty and protection against evil and diseases. Some believe that wearing an Emerald can give you the ability to see the truth and future. 


Moissanite: Saving the best until last, Moissanite has become a cost-effective alternative to the diamond, offering similar durability with the same aesthetically pleasing appearance as the traditional gemstone. 


Find your perfect engagement ring with The Diamond Room


If you’re ready to take the next step with your special someone, the team at Diamond room is here to guide you through the engagement ring process. We have a range of different engagement rings to choose from and offer customized designs if you’re looking to create something unique. Whether it’s a traditional diamond or a gemstone of your choice, we can help you design it and make your dream ring a reality for the special occasion. So the next time someone asks does an engagement ring have to be a diamond, tell them to Contact us today to get started on the next chapter of the rest of your life!

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