Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Introduction to the Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond has been a popular choice among jewelry buyers for centuries, with its timeless and classic shape making it ideal for a variety of settings and occasions. This type of diamond cut can be traced back hundreds of years, although it is believed to have originated in India as far back as the early 19th century. Since then it has persevered through several iterations, with slight tweaks helping to give each new generation an edge over the last such as modified brilliant cushions and antique cushion cuts.

The cushion cut diamond has a long and storied history, dating back to the early 19th century in India. The modern version of the cut is believed to have been developed sometime between 1800 and 1900, but it is possible that earlier iterations existed as far back as the 1700s. It is a timeless shape, with subtle rounded corners and smooth lines that make it ideal for a variety of settings.

Since its inception, this diamond cut has gone through several transformations, each one improving upon its predecessor’s brilliance and luster. By adding extra facets such as modified brilliant cushions or antique cushion cuts, diamond cutters were able to increase sparkle and light reflection from each stone. This made the cushion cut even more desirable for jewelry buyers around the world who sought out its classic beauty and charm.

In recent years, cushion diamonds have become especially popular among celebrities who love wearing them in engagement rings or pendants. The versatility of this timeless shape makes it suitable for all styles and occasions; whether you’re looking for something understatedly simple or grandly elaborate, a cushion cut can be tailored to fit your needs perfectly!

As one of the oldest diamond cuts available on the market today, the cushion cut is available in many varieties that all vary according to size, thickness and shape. There are two main types of this cut; “brilliant” which consists of circular outline with 50-58 facets and a modified “brilliant” or “antique” cushion which consists of 56-64 facets for extra sparkle!

Cushion Cuts Popularity Among Consumers

When it comes to diamonds, there are few shapes more desirable than the cushion cut due its smooth lines and slightly rounded corners that create an elegant finish. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing cushions set in engagement rings or pendants; from Angelina Jolie to Blake Lively, they know that no other kind of diamond can match the luster and brilliance offered by this forever classic design.

Cushion cuts look especially stunning when set into solitaire settings that allow its beauty shine through without any distractions; however these days more intricate designs are also becoming increasingly popular amongst younger generations looking for something special (and sometimes even unique) to express their individual style! The versatility offered by this one timeless design makes it a great choice for all ages and genders so no matter who or what occasion you plan on gifting this piece too they will definitely appreciate its charm & elegance!

The popularity of the cushion cut has soared over the past few years due to its versatility – it can range from classic solitaire settings to intricate designs that reflect individual styles. This timeless design makes it an ideal choice for people of all ages and genders.

In addition to having a timeless look, cushions are often associated with some of the most famous diamonds in history. Among them is the Taylor-Burton Diamond – a 69 carat classic cushion cut that was famously commissioned by Richard Burton as a gift for Elizabeth Taylor back in 1969. Another iconic example is the Hope Diamond, which was originally owned by King Louis XIV before ending up in American hands (it’s currently on display at the Smithsonian Institution).

More recently, various celebrities have been spotted wearing cushion cut diamonds set in engagement rings or pendants. From Angelina Jolie to Blake Lively – they recognize that no other kind of diamond can match the luster and brilliance offered by this forever classic design!

Difference Between Brilliant, Modified Brilliant & Antique Cushions

Brilliant cushions have around fifty-eight symmetric facets giving them great fire & sparkle while modified brilliant or antique cushions tend to feature an extra array of pronounced bevels in between each corner facet creating a deeper depth perspective! The latter two options usually offer more prominent flashes thus making them preferred by some buyers who want their diamonds to stand out from usual offering instead preferring something with added “wow factor” like these extraordinary pieces!

Setting Cushion Cut diamonds in split prongs for security

Split prong setting is one way to ensure your precious stones remain where you put them securely yet still letting light pass through them allowing maximum sparkle & brilliance! It involves placing four small metal claws/prongs at each corner attachment point rather than traditional style whereby just two come together above center stone providing better coverage & protection against knocks should they occur due not just being held down on one side but rather both sides simultaneously meaning they cannot move anymore than intended resulting less wear over time thus preserving original shape & structure long term!


In summary, the ever-popular cushion cut diamond remains one of the most sought after choices whether you’re looking for something sophisticatedly simple or grandly elaborate; its romantic appeal continues far beyond popularity trends thanks largely in part due age old history attached making them both timeless classics as well modern day symbols highlighting what truly matters most within relationships – commitment & love. With proper care taken when handling these pieces plus enough research done prior purchase you can guarantee yourself perfect gift!

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