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How to choose a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring

Congratulations, you said YES!  Now how to choose a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring. As the buzz of engagement celebrations begins to fizzle out, you may be starting to think about preparations for the big day. Before you head eagerly down the aisle, it’s important to consider the wedding rings you’ll exchange at the altar. 

Just like your vows, the wedding ring is designed to last a lifetime, representing your love and commitment to one another. Our team at the Diamond Room recommends couples should apply the same practices taken in engagement ring shopping to their wedding bands; taking time to browse styles and find a design suitable to you. Our team will help you choose a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring

Time to Choose a Wedding Ring that Compliments Your Engagement Ring

Match your wedding band to your engagement ring

The first step to choosing the perfect wedding ring is to consider the design of your engagement ring.


After the ceremony, your new jewelry staple will share the left-hand ring finger with your proposal gemstone, remaining there ‘until death do us part’. This means that finding the right style to suit you and your current engagement ring is a crucial part of the buying process. Couples should aim to strike a balance between the pair, showcasing their individual features and unique qualities.

Recruit your Jeweler for professional guidance

Jewelers can use their expertise to help navigate you through the careful considerations needed to match particular styles with color, stone, and designs. This can be especially true for brides with bespoke styles, such as family heirlooms or customized rings. Unique one-of-a-kind cuts or bold metals can appear flawless as a lone piece but may become overshadowed when mismatched with the wrong pair.


Recruiting your jeweler can also save you time and money when venturing into ring shopping, helping you to select the right band efficiently so that you can allocate your time to other crucial parts of wedding planning. The Diamond Room team has years of expertise in this area of wedding band shopping, from sourcing sophisticated design work to creating our own


Start with your metals

Before setting your eyes on dazzling diamonds or bespoke designs, you’ll need to decide on a choice of metal. Traditionally, many brides opt for a wedding band with the same metal as their engagement ring, but there is also room for creativity if you desire!


Mixing metals can create a match made in heaven when done correctly. Striking a balance between white and yellow or different sets of gold can enhance the visual appearance of all the best qualities of your ring, creating a more distinguished and modern effect. A professional jeweler can help you to discover the selection of colors most suited to you and your ring’s unique features, from skin and hair tone, personal tastes and more. Contact us today for more information.


The Best Wedding Bands for a Flush-Fit

When it comes to style, a well-stocked market is readily available to cater to the tastes of every bride and groom, including customized designs. From elegant diamonds to traditional styles, each band provides a unique stone and setting technique, offering a distinctive look to pair with your engagement ring. 


Although there are many designs in the jewelry market to choose from, we have listed some of the most popular options to bring you the best results for pairing your treasured rings. 


The Traditional, Classic Wedding Ring 

The classic wedding band is the perfect blend of simple design and elegant diamonds, making eye-catching engagement rings the center stage, with subtle features to enhance extravagant gemstones. 


Classic wedding bands come in various sizes, including discreet, smaller designs, for a flush-fit, reducing the gap between the rings. For brides looking to add a dash of sparkle, a diamond eternity band can offer an elegant touch-up to this timeless classic. With precious diamonds delicately wrapped around the band, the low-profile pave-diamond styles provide a finishing touch without stealing the show from the main feature. 


The classic wedding band can feature many different diamond setting styles, metal colors, and bespoke designs to match your engagement ring; other alternatives include the baguette, braided style, and many more. 


Tips from the Diamond Room Team: For eye-catching rings such as the halo, use similar elements in both rings for a consistent design, such as the shape of the stones or the type of gemstone used. 


Create a flush fit finish with a Contour Ring

Sitting perfectly next to your engagement ring, the contoured wedding band is a curved-styled ring commonly featured in many bridal sets. The designs are carefully crafted against the specifications of your engagement ring, resulting in a flawless flush fit that embraces the proposal gemstone. 


A contour style is a fantastic option for restrictive rings that do not allow the band to sit comfortably underneath the center stone or for rings that sit lower on the finger, resulting in a gap. Solitaire engagement rings pair perfectly with curve bands, offering a framed appearance to the gemstone and an increase in size.


Best engagement rings/stones: Marquise-Cut Stone, halo, solitaire, bold engagement rings with large stones.

Tips from the Diamond Room Team: A plain design of this style can detract from the beauty of the diamond. Redirect the attention back to your center stone by adding similar diamonds to the wedding band.


Center your gemstone with a Notched Band

The Notched Band was crafted with the perfect fit in mind, offering a jigsaw puzzle with the prized gemstone sitting perfectly at center stage. Taking the two best features of the classic band and the contour design elements, the notch band offers a ring that sits completely straight, bending only at the center to showcase the extravagance of your gemstone. 


The unique style of the notched band creates the illusion of two rings weaved flawlessly together in perfect harmony, with the wedding band wrapping alongside the engagement ring to enhance the gemstone as the central feature. More elegant diamond options are available in these designs, which suit eye-catching Halo rings for a flush-fit finish. 


Best engagement rings halo, larger stone designs. 

Tips from the Diamond Room Team: A notched wedding band not only looks great with larger diamonds but also provides a small nook for the gemstone to rest in.


Customize wedding bands in Austin and Dallas

Not all rings are made equal – and that’s okay. The engagement ring is a unique jewelry piece that signifies the start of the next chapter of your life as a couple, and sometimes it can be just too special to match a lifelong pair from a jewelry store selection. 


Our custom-designed services offer jewelry tailored to your unique proposal gemstone, creating dream designs that showcase all the best parts of you and your engagement ring. If you’re considering custom designs for your wedding band, we can help you design and create a match made in heaven in our private showrooms in Austin and Dallas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will help you choose a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring.


Here’s some additional thoughts on how to choose a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring

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