Ready To Propose? Here is how The Diamond Room Can Help

You’ve waited your whole life to find the one, and now that perfect person has come into your life. You’ve talked about the future, getting married, and now it’s time to pop the question…but how do you make the perfect proposal come to life? How do you create a once-in-a-lifetime moment your partner will cherish forever? How do you go about buying an engagement ring? 


The Diamond Room staff know a thing or two about planning a spectacular proposal. Here’s our advice for making sure the big moment runs smoothly, giving you both a romantic and meaningful start to your forever.


1) Talk to your partner

Like all serious steps in your relationship, you need to communicate with your partner about what they want their proposal to be like. Some people want an extravagant surprise with photographers, friends, and family waiting nearby, while others prefer a private and personal proposal. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they envision–you can still make the moment a surprise, but it’s best to know their expectations before you begin planning.


2) Talk to their parents and friends

It may sound old-fashioned, but talking to your future spouse’s family and close friends before you propose establishes strong relationships with people who will be in your life for a long time. They may also be able to give you recommendations for locations, photographers, and more.


3) Look at engagement rings together

Whether your partner shows you their Pinterest board or if you go shopping together, have a clear idea of what they want before you buy a ring. Make it a fun event with The Diamond Room’s Diamond Date Night. You and your partner will be treated to hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a curated playlist of your choosing during a private engagement ring appointment. After browsing our fine selection, you’ll be escorted to dinner reservations for a memorable and romantic evening.


4) Get their ring size

There are many ways you can obtain your partner’s ring size, either with their help or secretly. If you look at rings together, the jeweler can size your partner on the spot. But if you’re going shopping without your partner, there are a few other methods:


● String method: Have your partner wrap a string around the base of their ring finger. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen, then measure the string with a ruler in millimeters. Using a ring chart, you can size online or by contacting a jeweler to help find the size that matches the circumference of your partner’s finger.

● Take their ring with you: If your partner has a ring they wear frequently, take it with you to the jeweler. They can find the size based on the existing ring.

● Mark your finger: Slip one of your partner’s rings on your own finger. Mark the spot where it stops with a marker; the jeweler can then take this measurement to get the correct size.

● Enlist an engaged friend: If you or your partner know another engaged or married couple, ask them to slyly let your partner try on their engagement ring. This can give you an estimate of the correct size.


5) Buy the engagement ring

While we have been known to create engagement rings in record time, it is best to give yourself (and us) plenty of time for the design and creation process. That way, there is plenty of time to account for unforeseen hiccups along the way. We can also help answer any of your questions about insuring your ring, which will help give you peace of mind after your ring is purchased.


6) Keep the engagement ring safe

Not only should you keep the ring in a place where your partner won’t find it, but it should also be in a safe spot where pets or children will not disturb it. You may even want a trusted friend or family member to hold onto it before you pop the question.


7) Plan it out

Depending on your proposal, you may need to enlist professional planners, musicians, photographers, or restaurant staff to help you bring your vision to life. Finally, plan your speech before you get down on one knee. Knowing what you want to say ahead of time will ensure your words are personal and leave nothing important unsaid. This is your time to shine–so make it special!


8) Pop the question

When the big moment comes, stay calm and take a deep breath. Speak from your heart, and stay present as your partner’s face lights up with joy. Then, it’s time to start celebrating!

The Diamond Room is happy to assist you with expert advice and design the best engagement ring for you and your partner. Let’s get started! Contact us today to learn how we can help you through the entire engagement ring process, from conception to proposing.  


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