8 facts about December birthstones

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8 facts you didn't know about the December birthstone

Welcome to our facts about December birthstones Birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to show someone how special they are to you, making it the ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and even engagement or wedding rings! Not only do birthstones hold a personal significance to the beholder, but they also symbolize spiritual meaning, offering luck, wellness, and good fortune to those that wear them. Before you book your appointment, here are 8 facts you didn’t know about the December birthstone.


December birthstones can make or one special birthday


December is a particularly special month for Birthstones as it is one of four months that share birthstones with multiple gems. While June, August, October, and November all have two stones associated with birthdays during this period, December is the only month that holds three precious gems for those born in those final weeks of the year. 


What are the December birthstones?


Traditionally, turquoise was the stone dedicated to December births, symbolizing good fortune and success. However, the rarity of this precious gem called for a modern shift for equally beautiful alternatives. In response, Tanzanite and Blue Zircon are viewed as other potential options for December birthstones. 


What makes turquoise so special?


The rare stone turquoise is believed to have abilities to relax the mind and protect the wearer from harm. The significance of this special gem dates back centuries in certain areas of the world, used historically in the form of rings to ward off evil spirits. In the modern-day, turquoise still holds spiritual importance among Egyptians, Tibetans, and Native Americans, who believe turquoise can help to achieve higher states of meditation. 


Turquoise in Jewelry


Most turquoise stones are available in a ring or as a pendant due to their connection with healing and wellbeing. A pendant, for example, will sit close to the heart, which is a great option if the wearer wants to use the stone for meditation purposes. 


Tanzanite, the newest addition to the December birthstone list


Tanzanite is the most recent gem added to the official birthstone list, as it was added in 2002, owing to its rise in popularity since the 1960s. Believed to break down negativity and focus on positive thinking, this rare stone shares similar symbolic significance to its sister gem, turquoise, offering metaphysical healing to those who wear it. 


Tanzanite in Jewelry


Although Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than a diamond, this unique stone sells for much less on the market and is widely available in all forms of jewelry. Here at The Diamond Room, we offer this precious gem in various options. Check out this 14kt White Good 1ct Oval Tanzanite & Diamond Engagement Ring or this 18kt Rose Gold 48ct Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace in our product catalog. We can also add these stones to any custom jewelry piece of your choice. 


The historical stone of Zircon


A historical gemstone used for thousands of years, Zircon’s significance dates far back into the Middle Ages, where it was believed to encourage restful sleep and ward off evil spirits. In cultures across the globe, like in the Hindu faith, Zircon is believed to offer protection, bringing wealth, freedom, and good health. For December birthdays, wearing Zircon brings the owner good luck, fortune, kinship, and peace.

One of our favorite and underrated gemstones, our facts about December birthstones is here to say, “don’t knock it ’til you see it” with Zircons. The light performance, reflection and vibrance in zircon’s make them an unbelievable addition to the jewelry wardrobe. 

Zircon in Jewelry


Zircon comes in various natural colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green; however, the December stone is blue and is most commonly used in earrings, brooches, and pendants. 

More on Zircons here 



Shop for December Birthstones with the Diamond Room


If you’re shopping for a December baby, purchasing a birthstone is the perfect and unique present for someone special. The Diamond Room team has worked with many different designs over the years, including earrings, necklaces, and rings. Our experience gave us the unique expertise to design this comprehensive guide on the 8 facts you didn’t know about the December birthstone. As experts in our field, we handpick every gemstone and ensure its quality before it is used in any of our custom pieces, ensuring they are as elegant as they are unique.  Book an appointment at our private showrooms in Austin and Dallas for more information. 

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