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Few pieces of jewelry are more symbolic and sentimental than a wedding ring. A crafted, captivating band can accentuate not only an engagement ring but also be a constant reminder of your love and commitment to each other. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider several factors to help you and your partner make the right decision. Before you book your appointment, review these 7 tips to help you find your perfect wedding ring. 


1) Include wedding rings in your big day budget


In discussing wedding jewelry, it’s easy to focus on the engagement ring and leave the wedding band as an afterthought. Remember to reserve space in your budget for both partners to receive a wedding band; this way, you can avoid last-minute expenses later on and ensure that the engagement ring and wedding bands are of equal quality, creating a polished look when worn together.


2) Pick a style you adore


Like engagement rings, wedding bands come in dozens of styles, ranging from traditional and classic to edgy and bold. It’s important to consider how your band will reflect your unique style so you’ll love it for a lifetime.


Many women prefer to match their wedding band to their engagement ring, often purchasing both as a set. However, customizing a band that complements the engagement ring can add even more eye-catching details. There are many ways you can complement an engagement ring with a customized wedding band.


Men often choose a simplistic band style, commonly made with metals like white gold, tungsten, titanium, or yellow gold. But a groom should not feel limited in his design options; many unique styles and customizations exist for masculine bands as well, including gems or patterned designs.


3) Prioritize your comfort and lifestyle needs


Both you and your partner should choose a wedding band that feels comfortable to wear in your everyday lives. If you plan on wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring alongside, be sure the rings aren’t irritating or bulky when worn together. Additionally, consider the activities you perform daily that may impact the lifespan of your wedding band. If you frequently work with your hands, consider a band made of durable materials, like tungsten or titanium, that require little upkeep over time. 


4) Find the perfect match


Many couples choose matching wedding rings; which can be a beautiful way to symbolize your connection to each other. But perhaps you both desire different stylistic elements; a bride may want a slim band to feature her engagement ring more prominently, while a groom may prefer a thicker wedding ring.

To meet the needs of both individuals, a custom jeweler can create rings that fit the individual’s unique style. The Diamond Room makes it easy to create custom bands that share cohesive elements that meet the desires of both partners. Select matching metals, stones, or band designs to create the perfect match.


5) Order your wedding rings with time to spare


Just like an engagement ring, a wedding band should be ordered well in advance of your nuptials. Some jewelers recommend four to six weeks for order processing and shipping, while customized, unique designs may require a few months to create. Your best bet is to consult your jeweler. At The Diamond Room, our expert jewelers will ensure your band arrives before your big day.


6) Be mindful of safekeeping


Once you’ve received your wedding bands and fallen in love with them all over again, you’ll never want to lose them. Decide on a routine for keeping track of the bands before, during, and after your wedding. 

Keep your bands in a safe place you and your partner both know about leading up to your wedding day to avoid misplacing your precious rings. Be sure they are out of reach from pets and children. On the big day, give the bands to your designated wedding attendant, who will be in charge of them until the ceremony.

After your wedding, always keep your bands away from sinks, vents, or other places where they could get lost. If you take your bands off frequently to accomplish daily tasks, you may want to invest in a chain to keep it nearby. You’ll also want to learn the best ways to keep your jewelry clean to maintain its stunning appearance as long as possible.


7) Don’t just shop–make a memory out of it


Shopping for your wedding rings should be an easy, stress-free, and fun experience. At the Diamond Room, you’ll receive individualized attention from our expert jewelers, providing you and your partner with all the insight you need to find your perfect wedding band. From choosing your metals to adding bespoke design elements, we’ll work with you every step of the way for a flawless final result. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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