5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Necklace

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A beautiful necklace is a striking accessory with any outfit. If you are considering adding a new necklace to your jewelry repertoire, it is important to consider the quality and stylistic features to ensure it
represents you, meets your lifestyle needs, and lasts many years.
The Diamond Room’s experts know how to help you find a gorgeous necklace you will
marvel at for years. Whether buying for yourself or a gift for your significant other, here are a few tips to keep
in mind when searching for the perfect necklace.

The Perfect Necklace Checklist

1. Consider lifestyle needs


Before you start shopping, it’s important to consider your reasons for buying the necklace. Are
you looking for a classic, simple accessory to wear every day, or are you searching for a
statement piece for that special someone? These questions can help you decide whether to
look for a bold or subdued necklace. The Diamond Room jewelry experts will be with you every step while you search for your next necklace.


2. Measuring for the perfect fit


To help find the perfect fit for your necklace, it is important to measure beforehand to ensure a perfect fit. Use a
flexible measuring tape to measure around your neck, and add 2 inches to the length for a
comfortable choker length, or 4 inches for a pendant length.


3. Choose a metal


Choosing the perfect metal for your pendant is the next step on your necklace purchase journey! There are several different metals to choose from, each with unique characteristics. Understanding these characteristics will help you determine which option is right for you.

● Gold: Gold is one of the most versatile jewelry metals and can be yellow or white gold in color.
It may not be ideal for those with an active lifestyle, as it is easily scratched. However, with
proper care and occasional maintenance, gold jewelry will remain stunning for decades.

● Platinum: A beautiful white metal, platinum is highly durable and does not require polishing. Since platinum is a rare metal, it can add uniqueness to your necklace.

● Silver: A classic white metal, silver is very popular and can be molded into many
shapes. As a softer metal, it is prone to scratching, but it is
lightweight and can be worn casually and formally.

● Titanium: A popular choice for men’s pendants, titanium is resistant to bending and tarnishing. Though it is not as malleable as other metals and may come in fewer designs, it creates stunning, impactful necklaces.


4. Choose a chain style


After you have decided on the right metal, your next decision is choosing the style of the chain. Here are a few of the most common styles our customers have chosen in the past:

● Box chain: Square links connected in a smooth chain make this chain design a popular
choice for both men and women. Box chains are very strong, and links can be replaced and
removed to change the length.

● Cable: The most basic chain, a cable, is a series of interconnected oval links.

● Curb: Interconnected, uniform links designed to lay flat make this chain a popular choice.

● Figaro: Similar to a cable chain, a figaro design has varied lengths of links in an
alternating pattern.

● Rope: This design includes twisting metal segments to look like a rope. This
durable and shiny style is popular with pendants.

● Snake: This type of chain looks like a snake’s body and has a smooth, sleek chain. It won’t tangle, making it a great everyday accessory.


5. Purchase from a reputable source 


As with any piece of fine jewelry, it’s important to buy your necklace from a trusted jeweler.
Working with a private jeweler like The Diamond Room can assure you get individual attention
while you shop and advice from experts who can share their knowledge about many different
necklaces. The experience of shopping with The Diamond Room will give you memories that will last forever!


The Diamond Room’s highly trained staff is excited to help you find the perfect necklace for you. Together, we can help you find the perfect piece for you or a gift for your
significant other. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Jewelry Wise also has some great tips for finding the right pendant or necklace https://www.jewelrywise.com/just-for-you/article/choosing-the-right-necklace-length-for-you

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