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The world of luxury watches is filled with glamourous options for you to choose. Seeing a celebrity or public figure sporting a gorgeous watch may inspire some ideas for your dream timepiece, but there are many more aspects to consider than looks alone.

Before you head to the jewelry
store, it’s important to know exactly what you want when looking for your watch.
The Diamond Room offers a wide selection of luxury watches from some of the world’s most luxurious brands. Our expert staff can help both men and women find their perfect watch. Here’s our complete guide for buying a luxury watch.

1) Do your research

Before shopping, get a sense of what you like in a watch. It’s helpful to look at
Pinterest to find styles that speak to you. You could also consider watches you’ve owned in the past; what did you like or dislike about them? You may even want to consult your friends or family members about what they enjoy in their watches or borrow one to try out for a day.
You’ll see all kinds of watch options at The Diamond Room, from dainty, flashy,
subdued, vintage, modern, and much more! Knowing what you like will help narrow
down the options more easily.

2) Choose a moment type.

The “movement” of a watch describes the nature of the engine. Many modern watches use a quartz movement, where a battery and a small piece of quartz crystal work together to move the watch’s hands. This movement type is highly accurate and rarely needs to be wound.
However, many watch enthusiasts like to stick to mechanical movement styles. This
classic style uses many gears and tiny components to power the watch.

This type of micro-engineering is made by expert watchmakers, making it a highly-valued feature. They can be automatic or manual, meaning they must be wound by hand, sometimes daily. Make sure you know exactly how to set and use the watch before you commit to buying it. Experts at The Diamond Room can help you learn about our different watch options.

3) Think about your lifestyle.

Whether your watch will be used every day or reserved for special occasions,
considering when you’ll wear it can help you make informed choices about the watch’s design. If you plan to wear it daily, you might want a neutral look that goes with every outfit, especially for women who like to wear many colors or additional jewelry.

A waterproof and shockproof design is ideal if you play sports or swim regularly. Certain functions may also be useful to you, depending on your lifestyle. If you travel
frequently, a world clock might be a handy feature. Alarm systems or stopwatches may
be useful for athletes. Heat and magnet resistance will also be important aspects to consider if you work with machinery.

4) Decide on a band style.

Many luxury watch bands are made of precious metals. Some popular options include:

● Gold: A classic choice, gold comes in several colors, including yellow, white, rose, and more, and adds a luxurious look to any watch.

● Platinum: This hypoallergenic metal is highly durable and won’t fade or tarnish
over time.

● Steel: Particularly popular in men’s watches, the polished finish of steel gives a
sharp look while maintaining scratch resistance.

● Titanium: Great for those who work with their hands frequently, titanium is
resistant to corrosion and offers a masculine appearance.

● Ceramic: These lightweight bands give a sleek and modern look and come in a
variety of colors.

If you’d prefer a fabric option, leather offers an elegant and timeless design. Resin straps
are an excellent and long-lasting option, functional and flexible for many occasions.

5) Find the right fit.

You’ll want to ensure your watch fits the way you want it to fit. Women typically wear watches 5 to 7 inches in length, while men take 7.75 to 9.5 inches. Some prefer their watch to be loose and run up and down their arm throughout the day, while others want it to stay in place. Whichever you prefer, the right fit will make you feel more comfortable and will make you want to wear it all the time.

Your luxury watch will be a piece you cherish forever, and with proper care, you can pass it down to future generations. The Diamond Room is happy to help you find your ideal watch. Contact us today to start looking for your luxury watch.


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