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As you near an upcoming engagement or have started researching various engagement ring options, you have probably realized that hundreds of ring options exist. Some styles are trendy and modern, while others are more vintage. With so many choices, it may be hard to decipher which ring your partner would like the best. However, one style stands out as a timeless and versatile ring year after year–the iconic solitaire engagement ring.


As one of the most versatile ring designs, a classic solitaire engagement ring can be striking to any future spouse when designed to fit their style. Learn more about this stunning ring design and discover tips for choosing yours during your visit to The Diamond Room.


What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring?


A solitaire engagement ring traditionally consists of a single diamond and its setting. But don’t let the simplistic design fool you–a solitaire engagement ring can be just as complex as a multi-stone engagement ring. Solitaire rings can be crafted in various styles, shapes, and colors.


Since you’re only choosing a few key components when selecting a solitaire engagement ring, it’s more important to pick the right combination to create a striking piece. At The Diamond Room, we are experts in helping you find the perfect ring. Let us show you where to begin by booking a private appointment with our experts. You will have the entire showroom to yourself; free to ask us as many questions as you would like. 


How to Choose A Solitaire Engagement Ring


Decide On A Band Color


An easy place to start when selecting a solitaire engagement ring is the color of the band. Many future brides have an idea of the color or metal they prefer to wear, but others may want to try on some options. If you want to shop for engagement rings together, make it a date with our diamond date night package


The most popular metal color for engagement rings is gold; yellow gold provides a bright, luxurious look, while white gold offers a subdued yet elegant option. For those who prefer a silver-tone, platinum is an excellent choice. As one of the most durable metals, platinum is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Palladium and sterling silver are also known for their mirror-like appearance, while rose gold provides a versatile option for those who switch between gold and silver jewelry on a regular basis. Whatever color your partner prefers, knowing this can provide a great starting point for selecting the other components of the ring.


Choose A Diamond Shape


After choosing a setting color, the fun part is picking out your diamond. There are many cuts to choose from, and each exudes a different style. Here are the most popular cuts for solitaire engagement rings.


●      Round: Just as it sounds, this cut is a perfect circle, giving a clean, timeless look. Round cuts also have the widest variety of setting styles, so you can customize them to your heart’s content! We are also able to show you different customization options if you are unsure of a design.

●      Princess: This type of cut features a square diamond known for its eye-catching radiance. Princess Cuts are among the most brilliant of all diamond shapes and are a popular choice for many engagement rings.

●      Oval: Oval diamonds are very similar to round diamonds in regards to brilliance and sparkle. An oval has a naturally elongated shape that appears larger on the finger, and oval diamonds also pair well with many settings. 

●      Emerald: Developed in the Art Deco era, this rectangular cut gives a hint of vintage glamor. A stunningly beautiful diamond cut with long lines that give the stone an elegant and sophisticated look. The emerald cut offers a powerful combination of understated light return and intense clarity, perfect for any setting.

●      Pear: This teardrop shape has become trendy in recent years and can be set pointing upwards, sideways, or downwards. Just like oval cuts, the pear-shaped diamond comes in a variety of slim to wide cuts and has the added benefit of making the wearer’s fingers appear longer and slimmer.


Select a Setting Style


Finally, you must select a setting style for your beautiful diamond. The setting is the part of the ring that secures the diamond in place. While this may not seem like a focal point of the ring, the setting style can greatly affect the appearance of the ring with stylistic elements that make it unique. Here are a few popular setting styles that The Diamond Room has helped our customers with in the past:


●      Prong: Thin pieces of metal are used to wrap a cut stone from underneath like a claw when this setting style is used. It is common with round stones but can be used with almost any cut.

●      Bezel: This setting “frames” a cut stone with a thin layer of metal, enclosing it around the edges. This setting is excellent for active partners as it helps avoid catching the stone on hair or clothes.

●      Tension: The diamond is “grasped” by metal on either side, giving the illusion that the stone is floating in the middle.


Once your band color, stone and setting are chosen, viola! You have a gorgeous solitaire engagement ring to present to your partner when you are ready to propose.


When you’re looking for a solitaire engagement ring, The Diamond Room is here to help. Our wide array of premade and custom solitaire rings will ensure your partner will be head over heels for their engagement ring. Book your appointment today, and let us help you design your perfect solitaire engagement ring. 


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