The Complete Guide To The 4 December Birthstones

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December Birthstones 101

December is full of things to celebrate already, but it’s even more special for those with a birthday this month! You can make your favorite December baby’s day one to remember by treating
them to a gorgeous piece featuring their birthstone.

With more birthstone options than any other month of the year, December gems offer a lot of
great options anyone will love. The Diamond Room is here to help you learn about December’s
four stunning birthstone gems and help you find the right one for your favorite December baby.

December’s Four Birthstones

There are four gemstones that are accepted as birthstones for December, including turquoise,
zircon, blue topaz, and tanzanite. While each gem is unique, they all come in varying shades of
blue, offering a wintry vibe perfect for the season.

Originally, turquoise and lapis lazuli were traditionally accepted as birthstones for the month, but over time, zircon, topaz, and tanzanite
have emerged in popularity. Today, all four gems offer great options to match anyone’s style.
Let us teach you a bit about each gem, and if you have any questions, let’s make an appointment and talk about all your gemstone options!


Known for its distinctive bright color and opaque quality, turquoise is one of the oldest
gemstones on Earth. It was prized by indigenous cultures and the ancient Egyptians and is
believed to offer protection from evil spirits. It became especially popular in the Victorian and
Edwardian eras and remains a beloved stone today.

Turquoise is a fragile stone; it cannot be worn near high heat or chemicals due to the risk of
discoloration. For this reason, turquoise is best in necklaces or earrings, which receive less
wear and tear than jewelry worn near the hands.

Turquoise’s value is determined by its color,
matrix, hardness, and size, with the most valuable variety being robin’s egg blue in color.
Turquoise is perfect for someone with an unconventional style who loves a natural look in their jewelry.


The oldest rock ever discovered was a 4 billion-year-old zircon rock found in Australia;
therefore, it comes as no surprise that this gem has been popular for centuries. Zircon is
believed to have pain-relieving powers, protect travelers, and prevent nightmares. It comes in
many colors, but it’s blue varieties are especially popular.

Zircons are fairly durable but not as strong as diamonds. They are heat treated to produce their
blue color, and may change back to their original shade if exposed to harsh light for long
periods. Most blue zircons feature a rectangular emerald cut, as the gem can appear in different
colors when cut at different angles. This makes the gem a popular choice for rings, where the
color really “pops.”

Blue Topaz

Just like Zircon, Blue Topaz also dates back many centuries and was discovered by the ancient Romans. Our third December birthstone, Blue Topaz is thought to have healing properties that bring peace and dispel sickness. Its blue hues are popular with many celebrities like Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift, and Cate Blanchett, who have all worn the stone on the red carpet.

Topaz can be brittle, but it is nearly as durable as sapphires. The most valuable shade of topaz
is London Blue, a rich, deep color that gives an air of royalty. Topaz is most common in rings,
but its durability makes it a great choice for any type of jewelry.


One of the rarest gems on Earth and the fourth December birthstone, tanzanite is only found near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is a very new stone, only having been discovered in the 1960s. It is believed to aid in detoxing the body and improving vitality. It has become a popular stone for its lush bluish-purple color. Tanzanite is very durable in standard wearing conditions.

Since it is a very rare jewel, its value is often higher than other December birthstones. Due to its high value, it is often worn in longer-
lasting pieces like necklaces and earrings. Tanzanite is a great choice for someone who loves
classic gemstones but wants to infuse a bit of uniqueness with its very memorable color.

Each December birthstone is beautiful in its own way. At the Diamond Room, you can browse
our incredible selection of gorgeous pieces with your loved one’s favorite stone or design a
one-of-a-kind custom piece that will speak to their style. Contact us today to set up an
appointment and get ready to make your loved one’s December birthday extra special this year.

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