selling estate jewelry

Selling estate jewelry can be an exciting opportunity to earn extra money for inherited items you
no longer want. However, starting the process can be daunting. Confusing selling tactics,
suspicious sellers, and complex pricing processes can be overwhelming to navigate on your
own. Luckily, The Diamond Room is here to help.
Learn our advice about the estate jewelry selling process, who to sell to, and what factors affect
pricing so you can earn the highest profit possible on your next sale.

Where To Sell Estate Jewelry

There are many ways to facilitate the selling of your jewelry. Some buyers can be
riskier than others, so it’s important to ensure you’re selling to a safe, reputable group.

● Online buyers

Perhaps the most convenient place to sell to is online buyers that offer
cash for your jewelry. In these cases, you will mail your jewelry to a company that will make you an offer your jewelry. You will also be able to reject their offer if you are unsatisfied. While online buyers are easy to
use, always check the company’s reputation before
mailing your jewelry. Ensuring the company is reputable will help you avoid scammers and receive a fair

● Online consignment shops

You create a listing for your jewelry on these sites,
and individuals can inquire about and buy your items. Online consignment shops can work well because
individuals typically pay more for jewelry. However, before you list your item, inquire with the consignment company about their fees, so you know exactly how much you will be paying if your item sells.

● Local shops

Selling to local consignment shops and pawn shops can also be a convenient option. Just be sure to get several estimates before selling to a store, and check
online for reviews from past sellers to ensure you’ll have a good experience.

● Auctions

Auctions can be a lucrative selling option for highly valuable pieces, especially ones with documented proof of

previous owners. Though you risk
receiving a low bid for items with low demand, highly sought-after items could receive an
even higher offer than you originally anticipated.

● Diamond buyer

The most reliable group to sell your items to are reputable diamond
buyers in your area. These professionals work exclusively in the jewelry industry and will
have the most knowledge about your items’ current market and resale value. They
offer safe, dependable service and ensure you’ll receive a fair offer.

Each of these options comes with its unique benefits and risks, but seeking out industry
professionals can provide the most accurate information and prices for your estate jewelry.


When to Seek A Jewelry Appraisal

One common misconception about selling jewelry is that you must seek an appraisal first. In
most cases, you do not need to have an appraisal before selling your jewelry. Your jewelry will
be sold at the retail value, which is determined by considering what the diamond would be worth
if sold new. Appraisals are really only necessary for insuring a piece of jewelry. Typically, the maximum price of the
item is used in an appraisal price. If the item is ever lost, stolen, or damaged, the insurance
agency will replace it even if its price has increased.

Factors That Impact Selling Estate Jewelry

Since your jewelry will sell at retail value, it’s beneficial to know what factors can increase
this value before you get an estimate on your items.

● Style

Jewelry that was trendy many years ago is likely less popular now. However,
vintage fashion trends often recirculate, so you may still be able to get a reasonable price on
older items.

● Craftsmanship

Your piece’s clasps, links, prongs, and hinges should all function
properly. Any unique details should be well-defined, and all components should fit
together nicely.

● Condition

Signs of wear like blemishes, discoloration, or damage that affects the
jewelry’s wearability can reduce the item’s value.

● Rarity

If your item is one of few surviving pieces of its kind or was not mass produced,
its value can skyrocket. However, not all rare items are in high demand. More abundant
items may have a higher value if they also have a higher demand.

The Diamond Room’s knowledgeable staff can provide all the information you need about selling your estate jewelry. Contact us today!  Selling estate jewelry is easy; let our experienced team guide you through the process. 


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