An engagement that sent excited shockwaves through an entire fandom – Saturday Night Live writer Colin Jost proposed to actress Scarlett Johansson. She is best known for her role as Black Widow as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Appropriately enough, Johansson waited to show off her diamond until the 2019 Comic-Con where she and Marvel announced the upcoming Black Widow movie.

The engagement ring is a stunning 11-carat light brown diamond with a solid black band. “What is really eye catching about this beautiful ring is the unique shape of the stone. Some have compared it to a mix between a pear and an oval. The faceting, though, is much closer to a pear-shaped diamond with a rounded tip. This is a great technique to retain as much of the diamond as possible and keep it over 11 carats,” says Matt O’Desky, professional jeweler and owner of the Diamond Room of Dallas.

It is possible that pear shaped diamonds with a rounded tip could be the newest trend in engagement rings. If you are looking for your own unique shape, a customer jeweler will be able to innovate with the classing shapes to create a truly unique piece while preserving the beauty of a diamond.

With a ring this stunning, it will be interesting to see if Johannsen pairs it with a wedding band of some sort. Only time will tell how this beautiful piece will be styled with other jewelry. Congratulations to the happy couple from everyone here at The Diamond Room of Dallas!

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