Radiant Cut Diamonds

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

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When it comes to diamond cuts, the radiant is one of the most well known for its unique shape and distinctive dazzle. Commonly used as solitaire engagement rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry pieces, radiant cut diamonds are a beautiful symbol of love and commitment that are sure to be treasured forever. But what is a radiant cut diamond, how do you choose the right setting for one and what are its pros and cons? Let’s find out.

Introduction – What is a Radiant Cut Diamond and Its History

The radiant cut diamond was invented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard in search of a unique shape with more brilliance than traditional round or princess options. An ideal combination between a square emerald cut and round brilliant cut, these stones feature 70 facets that give maximum sparkle even from a distance. Since then, many celebrities have sported gorgeous radiant cut diamonds on their engagement rings – some notable examples include Blake Lively, Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon.

Features of a Radiant Cut Diamond (Cut, Shape, Number of Facets)

Unlike other shaped diamonds such as marquise or cushion cuts whose length-to-width ratio varies with size, the standard proportions of a radiant cut diamond tend to remain constant no matter the carat weight. This makes it easy to gauge how big your stone will look before purchasing it – generally speaking 0.90 to 1 ratio gives off an elongated look while 1 to 1 gives off more of a square impression. It may also come in either rectangular or square shapes depending on which style you prefer more.

Pros and Cons of a Radiant Cut Diamond

Due to its large number of facets compared to other diamond shapes, radiant cuts release enough light so that any inclusions within the stone can easily be obscured from view unless viewed under 10x magnification – making them great options for those looking for clarity on a budget. On the other hand however because they require complete transparency across their entire surface area this also means it’s harder to find flawlessly clean ones with higher grades; buyers should keep this in mind when making their purchase decisions accordingly.

Another downside is that if not set correctly these diamonds can be prone to chipping or cracking due to their sharp angles so extra care must be taken when selecting your setting style accordingly (more on this below). All things considered though they still make pretty stunning centerpieces overall!

How to Choose the Right Setting for A Radiant Cut Diamond

When choosing a setting for your radiant cut diamond it’s important you select one that provides secure protection from wear-and-tear while allowing light through unhindered so as not to diminish its sparkle effect too drastically. Such settings include classic four or six prong settings – which keep the stone in place with claw like metal “claws” – as well as tension mounts – which suspend the diamond within a metal frame for maximum brilliance showcasing purposes. Halo settings also work very nicely by surrounding your center stone with smaller stones designed to enhance its luster even further but again make sure all pieces fit together tightly otherwise wearing away might occur prematurely over time.

Celebrity Engagement Rings Featuring Radiant Cuts

Many famous women have been rocking dazzling ring bling featuring radiant cuts over recent years including actresses Blake Lively (who has an 18 karat yellow gold one set with two tapered baguette side stones), Rihanna (a breathtaking 19 karat white gold one with pink sapphires framed around it) and Reese Witherspoon who sports an eight carat stunner atop her finger effortlessly! No doubt these beauties will remain timeless symbols of love for years ahead despite all odds coming their way!

Best Uses For Radiant Cut Diamonds

Apart from being frequently used as solitaires for engagement rings best suits when combined with tapered baguettes on either side due to their unique shape characteristics complimenting each other nicely but can also stand alone quite splendidly if preferred too! They make great centerpieces inside hoops/stud earrings/pendants/etc too alongside whatever else happens be accompanying them at any given point whenever worn out somewhere special imparting meaningful memories onto each wearer along their many different journeys throughout life ever lasting beyond physical realms alike!


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