The truth is there is no “one metal” that all engagement rings are made of. In fact, traditionally the metals used for the bands of engagement rings has evolved and changed quite a bit over time along with trends. That being said, there’s no metal used in jewelry that you can’t feature as the band when you’re choosing what to use for your custom engagement ring. Here are a few of the most popular metals used in wedding rings today.


Trending Ring Metals

These engagement ring metals are trending in 2019 as some of our most popular metal selections:

Yellow Gold – Yellow gold has been used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry for centuries. Typically found in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt, yellow gold varies in richness of color and hardness of metal. The more gold alloy, the softer the metal. For this reason, most jewelers will recommend 14kt and 18kt for engagement rings and wedding bands.

White Gold – Made from a combination of pure gold alloy and other white metals, white gold has a brilliant finish. Most rings are typically plated with rhodium for additional shine, however, you can have your ring made without it as well. Just as with yellow gold, white (and rose) gold are usually found in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt. Our neighbors to the north in Dallas order the most white gold in the entire country.

Rose Gold – While engagement rings have not traditionally used rose gold as the band metal, the trend has picked up over last few years. In order to achieve its beautiful ‘rose’ hue, pure gold alloy is mixed with copper.

Platinum – Platinum is an increasingly popular metal used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry. Its strength, rarity, and hypo-allergenic properties make it versatile and valuable. Additionally, as one of the few naturally white metals, its color will never fade or alter over time.


Unique Engagement Ring Metals

Although these metals are not the most popular this year, they can provide you with a unique and custom feel to your engagment ring setting and band:

Palladium – Palladium is another naturally white metal that will hold its color without tarnish through normal wear and tear. In fact, it’s one of the most durable, low-maintenance, metals available for engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

Sterling Silver – While it’s not as popular, sterling silver can be used for engagement rings as well. It does look stunning with a diamond, but it also tarnishes and scratches more easily than most of the other precious metals used in fine jewelry.

Titanium – Titanium is often used for men’s wedding bands due to its strength and durability. It offers a wider range of color than other metals with its unique dark tone. Although strong, titanium is also one of the lightest metals.

Zirconium – Zirconium is another alternative metal, much like titanium, most used for men’s wedding bands. Its dark color gives it a unique look, while still offering strength and durability.

Tungsten Carbide Tungsten tends to be a bit heavier than some of the other precious metals, but it is also one of the hardest, most scratch-resistant, and even hypo-allergenic. Similar to titanium and zirconium, tungsten can be found in darker colors with a wide variety of designs.

Steel – Last but not least, stainless steel offers another option as a naturally white, scratch-resistant metal. Its strength makes it great for men’s wedding bands, although it is heavier than silver or gold.


Choosing Your Metal

With all of these options, there is no “right” or “wrong” metal for your engagement ring. In fact, you might want to use different metals for different pieces depending on their design. Each metal varies in strength, durability, and malleability when it comes to jewelry- some might hold smaller diamonds or gemstones better, while others are best for simple bands.

Regardless of style, when it comes to your engagement ring, wedding band, or any fine jewelry, we can help you create your perfect piece. Call The Austin Diamond Room to get a private consultation on what the right choice is for you.





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