How to Pick an Engagement Ring

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With all of the different metal types, diamond cuts, clarities, the carat of the diamond, the band design and much more, it can become extremely difficult to make sure you are choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Use this as a guide to start your research on how to get the ring that your partner has always dreamed of.

Make a Note of Your Partner’s Everyday Jewelry

Make sure you look at the color of the metal on their everyday jewelry. Is it silver, gold or rose gold? Does it look modern or does it have a more vintage feel? These are all great indicators of your partner’s style. This will help you figure out what kind of ring they might like.

Talk to Their Close Friends or Family

Friends are always a great resource when trying to decide which ring to purchase for your soon-to-be fiancé. They can help you decide between a few options you are mulling over. The right jeweler will even tell you to bring friends and family to the private appointment to help with the design process!

Check Out Their Pinterest

It may sound funny, but we’re willing to bet your partner has a Pinterest board that contain rings they like. If you are lucky enough to find a board that has some rings, this can be a great inspiration for you.

At the very least their boards can give you a visual representation of their style preference. Your jeweler will be able to help you find a ring that matches their style.

Talk to Your Partner About It

In 2017, 35% of brides were surprised by their proposal. That means that nearly two thirds of brides had some inkling that a proposal was coming. Lots of couples discuss getting married well before the proposal. If you feel so inclined, you should talk to your partner about what they want in an engagement ring. Since it will be on their finger forever, it only makes sense that they have some say in what it looks like.

Consider Your Partner’s Stance on Lab-Grown versus Mined Diamonds

Do you know if you partner would prefer a lab-grown or a mined diamond? Lab-grown diamonds have a much lower ecological footprint and come at a lower price point. Make sure you choose a stone that aligns with your values.

Pick Out a Ring Together

If you are still at a loss for what you should look for in an engagement ring, consider purchasing the engagement ring together. The right private jeweler will design an experience that allows you to keep the surprise while picking out your perfect ring in a truly romantic and unique setting.

Trust Your Gut

You know your significant other better than anyone else. If you found a ring that you think best represents your partner and your love story – don’t question it. Your partner will love the ring you get them because it is a gift from you.

If you want more guidance on how to pick out the perfect engagement ring, schedule a private appointment at The Diamond Room. We will provide you with a personalized experience backed by decades of knowledge.

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