When a man finally decides to marry the woman of his dreams, he gets her an engagement ring, right? But what about him? How does the man represent this commitment he has made until the wedding day?

In the United States it’s not traditional for men to wear engagement rings. Yet, times are changing and the “mangagement” ring trend is on the rise.

However, this trend isn’t new and in some parts of the world engagement rings for men are customary. You may even be surprised how popular engagement rings for men have become even in America, as well as around the world. We love that this trend is on the rise, as we believe it should be and here’s a few reasons why…

Men’s Engagement Ring Trends

  1. In Brazil, Argentina and Chile, men wearing engagement rings is traditional – When a couple’s relationship becomes serious, it is customary for them to exchange rings to symbolize their commitment to each other. These rings are worn on the couple’s right hand until marriage where they then switch them to the left. While they are conventionally simple rings, the American engagement custom of the bride-to-be getting a diamond engagement ring seems to have a recent influence. We believe this is a beautiful tradition passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Swedish men wear engagement rings as well – When a couple becomes engaged, it’s traditional for them to exchange engagement rings, and the man gets a ring too! It is then customary for only the bride to receive a second ring at the wedding ceremony. In America, it has been traditional for the bride-to-be to get a diamond engagement ring, and then the bride and groom to exchange wedding bands at the wedding. The old Swedish tradition was that the engagement rings were typically elegantly simple bands, while the ring given at the wedding was usually a diamond ring; so the opposite of the traditional American way. Not all couples follow this age-old tradition, and that’s okay! Each engagement and wedding ceremony is unique to each couple!
  3. Gay men around the world have traditionally worn them – While some couples exchange rings, sometimes only one of the partners receives a ring. It really just depends on their personal preferences. This has become even more common in the United States since gay marriage’s legalization in 2015! Gay marriage was legalized on June 26, 2015 by the US Supreme Court in all 50 states. However, gay men aren’t the only men in the United States that are wearing engagement rings…
  4. Even world-renowned celebrities are wearing engagement rings – Ed Sheeran wears an engagement ring that was handmade by his fiancé Cherry Seaborn. And he’s not the only one! Model, Luisana Lopilato, gifted her fiancé Michael Bublé a ring during their engagement as well. Dancing with the Star’s Mark Ballas also received an engagement ring from his then bride-to-be, BC Jean. After receiving an engagement ring on her birthday, Jennifer Hudson got her fiancé, professional wrestler David Otunga, an engagement ring for his.

It’s obvious that this trend is on the rise! As customs from around the world mix and mingle, more and more men around the globe will be wearing engagement rings. Each man’s ring may be unique and represent his individual personality, however, they all symbolize the same thing. Just as he gave a ring to her out of his love for her, she too gifted him as a sign of her love. What a touching way to show the love of your life you’re in it together through thick and thin!

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