5 Tips For Choosing A Hypoallergenic Wedding Band

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hypoallergenic wedding band

Many of us dream of receiving our perfect wedding band one day. However, those with skin
sensitivities and allergies may have difficulty finding their ideal band.

Luckily, hypoallergenic wedding bands have become more popular in recent years, creating many
options for allergy sufferers to find beautiful, durable, and long-lasting bands.

The Diamond Room’s experts are knowledgeable in helping allergy sufferers find solutions
that will work for their needs. We are dedicated to helping all of our customers find the right ring for them!

Learn why skin irritations and allergies occur, alternatives to irritating metals, and where to find a one-of-a-kind, comfortable, and allergen-free wedding band in this definitive guide on hypoallergenic wedding bands.


Why Some Wedding Bands Cause Allergic Reactions


There are a few reasons why a wedding band may trigger skin irritation or allergies, commonly
referred to as wedding ring dermatitis. Allergies to metals like nickel, copper, chromium, and
cobalt are fairly common; since many fine jewelry metals like gold are made of alloys containing
these metals, the wearer may develop a rash or itchiness under their wedding band.

Wedding ring dermatitis can also occur when bacteria grows in the band over time. Soap and
hand lotions can build up under the band, resulting in a rash. When this happens, a simple cleaning can resolve your discomfort. If you are unsure how to clean your ring properly, here are a few pointers from our experts.

It is also not uncommon for allergies to appear suddenly, even if
you’ve worn your band comfortably for many years, as you can develop allergies later in life.
If you are someone who already has an allergy to a certain metal or are more prone to having allergies, you may want to choose a band that includes hypoallergenic materials.


Hypoallergenic Wedding Band Varieties


Even though allergies may prevent you from buying a band with alloys, you have many options
to choose from when it comes to hypoallergenic metals. Here are a few attributes of some
common hypoallergenic options:

Platinum: – This precious metal is harder and more durable than gold. Bands made of
.950 grade platinum includes iridium, ruthenium, and palladium, which are generally

Palladium: Similar to platinum but less dense, palladium is tarnish-free, malleable, and
great for bands with elaborate metalwork and large gemstones.

Titanium: Titanium is safe for people prone to contact dermatitis but not as strong as
other metals. However, it retains its silver appearance for many decades and is easy to clean with just soap and water.

Tungsten carbide: This material is commonly found in both men’s and women’s wedding rings and is created by forging two different metals together. This forging not only offers a sign of one’s eternal love for the other but is also strong, scratch resistant, and four times harder than

Ceramic: Ceramic material is heat resistant, lightweight, scratch resistant, and
hypoallergenic. It has emerged as a popular black metal in recent years.

High karat golds: Lower karat gold generally contains nickel, but higher karat gold contains little to none. Therefore, if you are allergic to nickel, you might find you do not have an allergic reaction to wedding bands made of 18-22 karats of gold. Furthermore, yellow gold has much
less nickel than white gold, while rose gold contains a mixture of gold, copper, and silver.

Additional Alternatives

If you have developed an allergy to a ring you already own, there is a solution for you! You can have the metal sealed with a special coating, which keeps the metal from touching your skin.


Where To Buy A Hypoallergenic Wedding Band


When looking for your perfect hypoallergenic wedding band, you have many choices, and it can seem a daunting task to choose the right one. After all, your partner will wear the wedding ring you have chosen for a long time! Trust The Diamond Room team to ensure you’re getting a quality wedding ring that will also provide hypoallergenic benefits to your partner.

During your private jeweler appointment, one of our experts will talk you through all of your options and discuss the characteristics of each of the materials you can choose for your ring. Our jewelers are available to give you individualized attention, listen to your needs, and find a band that will be comfortable for you.

Contact us today to find your perfect hypoallergenic wedding band.

Learn more about alternative metals on the GIA website at https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/mens-jewelry-alternative-jewelry-metals/


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