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Why A Private Jeweler Offers A Better Ring Shopping Experience


Like any special occasion, buying a piece of fine jewelry, especially an engagement or wedding ring is something to be excited about. It’s a process you’ll put thought, care, and attention into, all to find a ring you’ll cherish for years to come. This sentimental process requires a jeweler who will do everything they can to make the experience easy, romantic, and memorable.


If you want an enchanting experience when shopping for a gorgeous ring, a private jeweler is the right choice for you. Their level of expertise, passion for service, and flexibility offers you a personalized experience that major retailers often lack. Let us share a few reasons why we recommend choosing a private jeweler for your next purchase.


 Ultimate privacy

Going to a major jewelry retailer on a busy day can be difficult. Between a crowded room of customers and busy sales associates, you may leave feeling rushed and discouraged, unable to find the ring you want. A private jeweler, however, will treat you like royalty. The Diamond Room offers individual showings, so you’ll receive personal attention from our jewelry experts. These private showings also mean you’ll receive expert advice with no interruptions and no wait times, allowing you to take the experience at your own pace.

Enhanced customization options

With more privacy comes more time to create something unique. Private jewelers can create custom jewelry, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your dream ring. Searching for a special gem, a particular cut, or your favorite metal? With the help of an expert and plenty of time to work together, you’ll be able to give feedback from start to finish, so every aspect of your engagement or wedding ring is exactly what you envisioned. Plus, be assured you’ll find the perfect fit for your stunning design.

Memorable experiences

Jewelry shopping is sentimental. Whether you’re shopping for your first diamond, exploring engagement rings with your future spouse, or creating a special gift for someone, every fine jewelry purchase you make has a special memory attached to it. Private retailers can make your experience positive from start to finish. 


Your shopping experience will feel less like a task and more like a treat at a private jeweler! You will be able to feel the joy of finding that exquisite ring and the peace of mind that comes with a hassle-free buying process.  

Make The Diamond Room Your Private Jeweler of Choice

The Diamond Room provides a jewelry experience like no other. Here’s what’s in store when you book an appointment with us: 


  •     Complete privacy: We sell one diamond at a time to one client at a time in a private diamond room. There are no crowds, no distractions, and no need to rush–you can take your time, ask questions, and spend as long as you wish finding a breathtaking ring.
  •     Endless options: The Diamond Room offers the unique opportunity to build completely custom rings and other fine jewelry tailor-made to your taste. We’ll work with you through every step of the way–from initial sketches to prototyping and receiving your final ring–so you can give feedback at every turn and bring your vision to life. Best of all? You’ll find our prices for custom jewelry are often lower than others. As an “upstairs” jeweler, we cut out the middlemen to reduce overhead, giving you bigger and better diamonds!
  •     Diamond Date Night: Engagement ring shopping is an extra special experience, so we make it a night you’ll never forget! We’ll set the mood with a playlist of your choice while you and your partner are treated to complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres as you explore enlightening diamonds and rings. After your appointment, you’ll be whisked away to a special dinner reservation to cap off your romantic evening. Your Diamond Date Night will give you the attention and time you need to explore rings with an expert and be the first of many memories to come as you prepare to pop the question.


The Diamond Room provides a private, fun, and easy jewelry experience that will leave you with good memories and a ring you and your partner will adore. Book your appointment today to experience it for yourself. Our expert jewelers will be with you every step of the way, from design to creation! 


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