Marquis diamond

by | Apr 23, 2023 | buying a diamond

Marquis diamond

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Marquis diamonds have become a popular choice amongst diamond enthusiasts for centuries due to their unique shape and brilliance. Prized by Ancient civilizations for their strength and durability, the Marquis cut continues to be a favorite choice among jewelers today. Understanding its characteristics as well as its evolution throughout history can help inform any decision when it comes to investing in precious gemstones.

Origins of the Marquis Diamond date back centuries and originated from Ancient Cultures who appreciated the unusual shape and durability of these gems over other shapes commonly used during those times. Eventually it made its way to Europe where it quickly gained further popularity due to its unique teardrop shape which created a classic look with sophistication, eventually becoming one of the most beloved cuts of all time. While many aspects about this diamond remain unchanged since then, modern day manifestations of this diamond is ever-evolving – introducing new designs that emphasize on color or size whereas older designs focus primarily on clarity.

A Marquis Diamond has 57-58 facets creating an elongated tear drop shape accompanied by a flat table at the top that allows more light through meaning you get more sparkle and fire compared to other cuts like round or square diamonds. It is also valued for being one of the more durable shapes available – making it great for everyday wearability without compromising beauty or value. However, selecting the right setting can truly bring out even more remarkable details from any piece. Solitaire settings only showcases one gemstone while halo settings offer multiple stones allowing you to emphasize on size or color of your center stone; three-stone settings are very popular nowadays as they represent different eras like past, present, and future – perfect for commemorating special occasions such as graduations or anniversaries!

When searching for custom jewelry pieces it’s important to find a private jeweler who understands each aspect when selecting materials such as clarity, color origin and quality of stones while valuing craftsmanship that won’t go out of style over time – limiting risks associated with buying jewelry pieces online outside your local area . Understanding characteristics associated with Marquise Cut Diamonds along with benefits achieved when investing in such gems will help navigate through what could potentially be an overwhelming selection process while allowing you enjoy your custom piece throughout generations without compromising value! Ultimately, having an understanding on how marquise diamonds evolved throughout time will help you make educated decisions when choosing them!

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