A bracelet is one of the most visible pieces of jewelry a person can wear. Every time you use your hands, you’ll notice it shimmering on your wrist. For this reason, bracelets can be deeply sentimental–whether you help pick it out or if it comes as a surprise from your loved one, it’s a constant reminder of someone you love. 


When buying a bracelet, it’s essential you know a few tips to help find the one that suits you best. Follow these tips, and the guidance from the jewelry experts at Th Diamond Room, to help you find a bracelet you’ll never want to take off.

Find The Right Fit

Like a ring, bracelets come in a variety of sizes and lengths. To ensure your bracelet won’t slip off your wrist or be too snug, it’s important to try them on before you buy. Consider how you want the bracelet to fit–do you prefer it to be looser, so it slides up and down your arm? Or do you prefer a closer fit so it won’t catch on your clothes? 


One easy way to determine your ideal bracelet length is to measure a bracelet you already own. This is also helpful if you’re gifting a bracelet to someone–a quick peek in their jewelry box can be a big help.

Comfort is Key

If your bracelet is uncomfortable to wear, it will sit in your jewelry box, untouched. What good is a beautiful piece of jewelry if it’s never worn? When you try on bracelets, make sure it is not pinching, pulling, or catching on the skin. It should also be an appropriate weight, not too heavy or cumbersome when worn.

The Clasp Matters

The clasp is a crucially important (but often overlooked) part of the bracelet. Since the clasp is the only thing holding the bracelet together, it must be strong and reliable. However, some clasps may be tricky to open and close on your own. When trying on bracelets, make sure to practice using the clasp to ensure you can maneuver it easily without struggling. 


If you’re buying the bracelet as a gift, you’ll want to consider your partner’s hands and lifestyle when looking at the clasp. Does your partner have longer fingernails, making it easier to break a nail, or shorter ones, making it more difficult to operate certain clasps? Do they participate in activities where a clasp could easily come loose? These are items to consider to when shopping for the ideal bracelet.

Make It Last

Since bracelets are worn near the hands, they often get bumped or banged. It’s important you choose a bracelet that is durable and will stand the test of time. If you plan to wear your bracelet every day, consider a strong metal like gold or silver. Certain metals, like silver, may also tarnish over time. Special coatings can also reduce tarnishing and keep the bracelet’s appearance clean and shiny as it ages. A part of the private jeweler experience at The Diamond Room is being able to talk with a jewelry expert one-on-one. When you make an appointment with us, you have our staff’s undivided attention. This makes asking questions and finding the right jewelry for you much easier. 

Pick Your Perfect Bracelet Style

Bracelets come in many different styles, each with unique shapes and features. Whether you prefer something chunky like a cuff or bangle or want a daintier tennis or charm bracelet, it helps to research what suits your style. Browse different metals, chains, gemstones, and other details to create a combination you love.


Remember, a bracelet is a piece you will keep forever and see frequently. It may be tempting to pick a trendy style that’s “in” right now, but it’s most important to find a piece that is true to you and matches your wardrobe. From sleek, minimalist designs to bold, dazzling gems, make sure you pick the features that speak to you!

Choose A Reputable Jeweler

Choosing a jeweler you can trust is key when searching for the right bracelet. We make every customer’s experience fun, personal, and easy at the Diamond Room, offering expert advice and attention to even the tiniest details. With our help, you’ll find a bracelet that will be joyfully worn for years to come. Book an appointment today to start searching for your beautiful bracelet.


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