5 ways how to tell your partners engagement ring style

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5 best ways to let your partner know your engagement ring styles before they make the purchase

How to tell your partners engagement ring style? The time is drawing near. Your relationship has matured enough for you to start thinking about taking it to a new level. You may have both started talking about marriage already and have a good idea of what you want for your wedding. But before you say “I do,” you will need to get engaged, which involves choosing a ring and creating the perfect proposal. The Diamond Room has created hundreds of unique engagement rings, which lead to this guide on the 5 ways to tell your partner’s engagement ring style before you make the purchase.

Proposing to your partner should be an occasion for joy and romance with a touch of tradition. After all, it’s a moment that is so special; you expect it to happen only once in your lifetime, which is why you want it to be perfect. But once you start looking into the details, and before you start figuring out if you should propose in a hot air balloon or at dinner with the parents, a more pressing question should be addressed: “what kind of engagement rings does your future spouse like?”

Before you start fretting about whether the love of your life will like the ring you choose, there are a few ways for you to find out that information and get a ring that will make the occasion as memorable as you expect it to be. So, before anybody goes shopping, take a look at the following ways to find out which are your partner’s favorite engagement ring styles.

Now onto our 5 ways how to tell your partners engagement ring style…

Ask them point-blank

Asking your partner straight up if they have any particular engagement ring styles in mind is possibly the best way to figure out what they want. Maybe they’ve been dreaming about a specific ring for some time, and you asking about it will only show how important their opinion is to you. Of course, timing is of the essence, so find the perfect moment to ask.

A good idea would be to do it over a candlelit dinner at your favorite spot or during a stroll at the lake. Remember, this will mark a change in your lives together, so ask your partner in the most tactful way possible, not as if you were inquiring about their favorite brand of salsa.

Go ring shopping together

Nothing can point you in the right direction better than looking at engagement rings together. With the enormous number of engagement ring styles available on the market, going together can be as productive as it can be fun. Remember it’s not necessary to make the purchase that day, and if you want to keep your proposal a surprise, you can veil your outing as casual window shopping.

Of course, your partner may figure it out, or at least start forming an idea of what is on your mind but think about the memories you are making even before proposing to your partner. The stories you will one day tell your grandkids make it even more worth the time you two put into choosing the ring.

Get help from friends or family

Nobody knows your partner’s taste in engagement rings, as well as their best friend or closest family member does. Over the years, your partner has possibly brought up the topic with these people at least once. This is especially true if they’ve gone on shopping expeditions together because it is highly likely they’ve looked at different engagement ring styles just for fun.

So, if you want to keep your proposal a secret right up to the last second, you can recruit their best friend, sibling, or closest family member to help you find the perfect ring, or, at the very least, get a good idea of what styles they like best.

Drop a few hints here and there

There’s no need to be blatant about what you’re thinking. It’s possible to get your answer about your partner’s favorite engagement ring styles by pointing out rings online or in other places and asking what they think about that particular ring. Maybe a friend of yours just got engaged, and that gives you a great opportunity to ask your partner their opinion on the ring and ask what they like.

Enlist a common friend to bring up the topic

Engagement ring styles make for great conversation topics when you’re among friends. Enlisting a common friend to bring up the subject during an informal gathering can provide more information about your partner’s likes and dislikes than you can imagine. Proposing to your partner should not put an excessive burden on your shoulders. Your partner will likely love any ring you choose, so don’t feel as if you have to overly stress about it. Be honest and straightforward and enjoy the moment together.

Your friends at The Diamond Room are here to help you. Not only do we have different engagement rings to choose from, but we can create a custom ring just for you. We can help you design it, or make your thoughts a reality and design a ring to your exact specifications! If this sounds like something you have been looking for, call us today. Hopefully, this guide on the 5 ways to tell your partner’s engagement ring style before you make the purchase, will help you start your journey to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner!

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