Lab Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

The definition of a real diamond is not linked to its origin, but to its characteristics. Lab Grown Diamonds have been formed by replicating the earth’s natural process. They’re real diamonds made of pure crystallized carbon. And they pass all tests used to confirm pure carbon diamonds.

The differences between natural and Lab Grown Diamonds are indistinguishable. The only difference is that we can now speed up the diamond growth process. Instead of waiting millions of years, your perfect diamond can be created in weeks.

Your Trust Custom Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds are available in any size, clarity, cut, or color. Get a flawless diamond that meets your exact specifications. And get it at a better price point than a mined diamond

Did you know you can even have your wedding dress turned into a diamond? It’s possible with a Lab Grown Diamonds from The Austin Diamond Room. Schedule your private appointment to learn all about Lab Grown Diamonds. Compare created and mined diamonds in a unique experience.

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Types of Lab Grown Diamonds

Created White Diamonds

The most common diamonds are white diamonds and are graded on the lack of color present. Get more diamond for your investment.

Created Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds get their color from nitrogen. Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds are much more accessible than their earth-mined equivalents.

Created Blue Diamonds

From light to intense blue, diamonds get their color from boron. Find Lab Grown Diamonds in a wider color range than natural blue diamonds.

Created Pink Diamonds

Earth-mined pink diamonds are the rarest, most expensive color available. Pink Lab Grown Diamonds are much easier to find than their counterparts.
Lab Grown Diamonds are High-Quality

Don’t confuse Lab Grown Diamonds with cubic zirconia, moissanite, or other synthetics. Lab Grown Diamonds are 100% pure crystallized carbon. They have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds. And they’re graded to the same standards by leading gemological institutes.

The price difference isn’t due to any difference in quality. It’s mainly because the supply chain for Lab Grown Diamonds is so much shorter. Earth-mined diamonds travel the world and pass through a dozen middlemen. Get Lab Grown Diamonds faster from the source.

Many couples choose Lab Grown Diamonds because of the wide range of options available. For a lower investment, you can get the custom jewelry you want most. If you have a dream piece of custom jewelry that calls for colored diamonds or unique cuts, Lab Grown Diamonds might be best.

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