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Does it feel like there isn’t an engagement ring in all of Texas that’s perfect for you? Well, maybe there isn’t. Couples who choose custom engagement rings often don’t start with a plan to design one. But as they shop, they find themselves unsatisfied with the rings they see.

If you can’t find your dream engagement ring, visit The Austin Diamond Room. We’ll help you create an idea from scratch. Or combine characteristics from rings in our collection to invent a new design you’ll love. Create a ring you can wear for a lifetime and pass on for generations.

Austin Private Jeweler

Austin is a city of unlimited potential and choice. We celebrate expression, not only in art, but also in cuisine, technology, and style. The Austin Diamond Room embodies the spirit of Austin in each engagement ring we create. And our celebration of Austin’s dynamic culture doesn’t stop at engagement ring design

As a private, by appointment only jeweler, we run counter to the big-box retail experience. Like thousands of other Texans, you’ll love our personal attention and service. We’ve designed thousands of unique rings over the last 12+ years and offer custom designs with no limits.

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Come visit us for an experience you’ll never forget. View our collection and get the answers you’re looking for.

Pick Your Perfect Diamond

We’ll help you choose from our wide selection of mined and Lab Grown Diamonds. Get a beautiful diamond that fits your budget.

Choose Dream Design

Pick from a seemingly limitless number of options. If you can’t find the perfect design in our collection, we’ll create a beautiful design from scratch.

Live Happily Ever After

Get a beautiful, custom engagement ring that will last a lifetime. Put the perfect ring on the hand of the person you love and never take it off.

Let’s Make it Memorable

We’re proud of our diamonds and our service and take pride in showing off our diamonds, customizing your engagement ring or showing you the perfect gift. Whether it’s a discreet session with you and Matt, or perhaps a Diamond Date Night for two with drinks and appetizes, schedule an appointment today.

Serving All of Greater Austin

Our city is growing fast, and with all the land Texas has to offer we like to spread out, not stack up. The Austin Diamond Room is conveniently located off Mopac and Northland Drive. We can easily serve our growing community from Georgetown to Leander to Round Rock.

We’ve had customers from every part of town come for a custom buying experience unlike any other in Austin. From Cedar Park, Bee Caver, and West Lake Hills. All the way south to Buda and Kyle. We know you’ll agree it’s worth a visit for the personal experience.

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