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Dallas Created Diamonds


Created Diamonds are real diamonds, just made in a lab! The only thing that makes these diamonds different from a natural diamond mined from the earth is that instead of mining, these diamonds are created using cutting-edge technology. Physically, chemically and visually, these diamonds are identical to their mined counterparts.


Because a created diamond is created in-house and with little waste, cutting them down results in a bigger diamond for your money! This makes them perfect for a stunning engagement ring. Speaking of cut, any cut is possible based on your preference, so these diamonds come with a high number of customization options.


The Diamond Room of Dallas’ expert jewelers can help you design your dream created diamond and show you the process that builds these great gems. In a luxurious custom setting, enjoy a beverage, and kick back knowing you’re getting a one-of-a-kind cruelty-free stone for your custom jewelry or engagement ring.

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Created Diamond FAQs

Created Diamonds often spark the curiosity of our clientele. Our most common question is if the diamonds are “real” – and the answer is yes! See more of our most common questions answered in our blog:

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