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Dallas Created Diamonds

Dallas Created & Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are you considering a diamond purchase but haven’t decided on mined or created diamonds? The Diamond Room of Dallas can help you pick the perfect diamond for your custom jewelry and your budget.
Created Diamonds Are Real Diamonds
Yes, it’s true. Created Diamonds are real! Natural diamonds are formed by high pressures deep inside the earth. Created diamonds are grown under the same conditions needed to make a diamond underground.

Created diamonds have physical, chemical, and visual characteristics identical to their mined counterparts. That means a created diamond is as durable and beautiful as a mined diamond. Even highly-trained, highly-experienced jewelers can’t tell a difference.


Get More Diamond With Less Investment

Experts form created diamonds with very little waste. That leads to bigger diamonds for your investment. And bigger diamonds mean stunning engagement rings and luxurious custom jewelry. Any cut is possible with created diamonds. So you even get more options for the price!

If you were dreaming of a colored diamond but thought it was out of your budget, created diamonds might be for you. Even though natural colored diamonds are rare, created colored diamonds are not. Make a one-of-a-kind design with a beautiful colored gemstone.


Decide Which Diamond You Want

Put aside all the reasons you’ve heard for or against created diamonds. The kind of diamond you choose is up to you. Don’t let others pressure you into purchasing one type or the other. At The Diamond Room of Dallas, we’re proud to offer both mined and created diamonds.

Decide what is most important to you when purchasing a diamond for your custom jewelry. Will a created diamond give you peace of mind? Do you prefer the mystique of a diamond that has existed for millennia? Whatever you choose, we’re here to help.

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Why Choose Created Diamonds

Many couples choose created diamonds over mined diamonds for their engagement rings. They sparkle just as bright as their mined counterparts.
Have you always wanted a luxurious piece of custom design jewelry? But you never thought you could afford it? Created diamonds might make your dream piece a reality. Design a beautiful statement piece that screams luxury and fashion.

Created Diamonds Can Be Certified

The GIA, IGI, and AGS all certify created diamonds. Whether mined or created, your diamond is graded on the same scale for cut, clarity, color, and carats. You can use this information to make comparisons. But don’t rely only on grading. Come see the diamonds for yourself!

At The Diamond Room of Dallas, compare various gems to decide on the perfect diamond for your jewelry. For a memorable experience, book your legendary Diamond Date Night. Top off your dazzling diamond presentation with special dinner reservations!


Created Diamonds Are Forever Too

Your created diamond will shine as bright and as long as a mined diamond. Whether grown or formed underground, no diamond will cloud over time. If you care for your created diamond well, it will stay as beautiful as the day you got it!

Created diamonds test positive on a diamond tester because they’re identical to mined diamonds. Whether created or mined, diamonds are the hardest materials on earth. Your created diamond can be an heirloom handed down from generation to generation.


See Created Diamonds for Yourself

The Diamond Room of Dallas’ expert jewelers can help you design your dream diamond. Let us show you the process that builds these beautiful gems. Like so many other Texans already have, you’re sure to love the experience.

Come view our selection of mined and created diamonds. Sit back. Have a drink in a luxurious, intimate setting. And let us help you select a one-of-a-kind gemstone for your custom jewelry or engagement ring.

Created Diamond FAQs

Created Diamonds often spark the curiosity of our clientele. Our most common question is if the diamonds are “real” – and the answer is yes! See more of our most common questions answered in our blog:

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