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You’ve shopped all over Austin looking for the perfect, custom jewelry to make your loved one shine. But you can’t seem to find a piece that says how you feel. Visit The Austin Diamond Room to design custom jewelry that is entirely your own.

More Than Just Engagement Rings

Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or some other piece, The Austin Diamond Room can bring it to life. There are no limits to metals, shapes, settings, or stones. Let us help you select the elements you want with confidence. 

We’ll start with a blank sheet of paper to draw exactly what you have in mind for your custom jewelry. The rest is up to you. Let us help take the fear out of the design process. We’ll make sure you love your new custom piece.


Custom Jewelry for Any Occasion

Jewelry should be cherished and given on occasions of meaning. Especially when gifted to someone who means the world to you. Can an off-the-shelf piece of jewelry from a big box store convey how you feel?

Whether it’s an anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, custom jewelry shows you care. Custom jewelry can commemorate birthdays, childbirths, and other special events. Every time your loved one looks at your gift, it will remind them of your love.

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Matt did a wonderful job of helping my husband and me create the rings we wanted. He was patient, he listened, and he was able to meet at times that worked for us (evenings and weekends). We were able to find a one of a kind stone for my engagement ring that I am constantly getting compliments on. I loved the whole process because he focused on finding out what I liked in a diamond as opposed to what I thought I liked. My husband was happy because we stayed within budget. Thank you, Matt!

Jordan S.

Our Custom Jewelry Process

Get Custom Jewelry You’ll Love

Not sure where to start? Let The Austin Diamond Room help. In a private setting, we’ll browse our large collection of jewelry with you. Discover the design elements you like most. Our designers help create an original piece that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Create a Design

Let us turn your vision into precious metals and gemstones. Whether you have a design of your own or a style that inspired you, we can help.

Reimagine a Design

If you’ve seen a piece of jewelry you like, but wish it had a different shape, size, or stone, we can help. Use different materials to meet your budget.

Replicate a Design

Get a cherished family heirloom replicated. Have a similar custom piece made for a family member. And replace lost or worn-out favorites.

Custom Design Earrings

Few jewelry items are more fun than earrings. And custom earrings tailored to your lifestyle are even more exciting. Because you wear earrings close to your face, they express your personality. And they can set a mood for your attire. Let’s design the custom earrings of your dreams.

How often do you find almost perfect earrings? If only one thing about them was a little different! You wish they were a little longer, bigger, or lighter.  If you’ve been there before, you can understand the need for custom earrings.


Custom Design Necklaces

The various styles of necklaces available make them ideal for custom design jewelry. There are so many sizes, shapes, settings, and stones to choose from. Let The Austin Diamond Room help you create a perfect necklace to show off your style.

Necklaces are great custom pieces used to incorporate heirloom jewelry. Turn the stone out of a family member’s ring into a beautiful pendant. Use a broach or pin in an ornate necklace design. Shorten or lengthen inherited necklaces to make them fashionable again.


Custom Design Rings

Custom rings are the most popular type of customized jewelry. Rings are an item of jewelry the wearer gets to enjoy most. Unlike earrings and necklaces, rings are always in sight for you to admire. If you’ve never had a ring you can’t stop looking at, or pulling off and on, you need a custom ring.

The best examples of the most beloved rings are engagement rings. Of all the sentimental jewelry we create, engagement rings are the most symbolic. Each one is made for the wearer, designed to wear for a lifetime and pass on for generations.


Custom Design Bracelets

Bracelets, cuffs, and bangles are often beautiful statement pieces for your style. Not only do you get to enjoy seeing them, but they are quickly noticed by others. Whether you want an elegant tennis bracelet or a studded bangle, we’ll help you pick the perfect piece.

Draw attention with a handshake or a wave that’s adorned with a beautiful custom bracelet. Show your fine taste or fun personality with a custom design. Add charms, clasps, or engravings to complement your style. 

Custom Design FAQs

The experts at The Austin Diamond Room have been bringing our clients’ visions to life for over 12 years. Browse our blog entries below to answer some of the most common Custom Design questions we get!

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Benefits Of Using A Private Jeweler

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6 Items To Consider While Shopping For A Bracelet

6 Items To Consider While Shopping For A Bracelet

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