Custom Engagement Rings

It’s frustrating when you have a vision for your custom engagement ring but you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Or when you realize you just don’t like anything in the case. Why not design your own? You don’t have to be an artist or designer to create a custom engagement ring you’ll love.

Our custom jewelers can turn your vision into reality. Sit down with one of Dallas’ finest custom jewelers at The Diamond Room of Dallas. Let us walk you through the design process and sketch out the possibilities. We’ll then combine the perfect materials to make your custom piece truly special.

Custom Jewelry for Any Occasion

No matter the piece you want to create, The Diamond Room of Dallas can accommodate. We offer a wide range of precious metals, stones, and settings to give you a canvas for your custom jewelry. Not only that, we make your piece right here in Dallas!

Already have a dream piece in mind? We’ll help make that dream real. Does every piece you see seem to have one attribute you don’t like? We can help you design a perfect piece. Whether you want a collection that works together or a single piece that stands out, we can help.

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Our Custom Jewelry Process


We’ll browse our large collection of jewelry with you and discover the design elements you like most.


Let us turn your vision into precious metals and gemstones. Whether you have a design of your own or a style that inspired you, we can help.

Reimagine a Design

If you’ve seen a piece of jewelry you like, but wish it had a different shape, size, or stone, we can help. Use different materials to meet your budget.

Replicate a Design

Get a cherished family heirloom replicated. Have a similar custom piece made for a family member. And replace lost or worn-out favorites.

“Matt and everyone at The Diamond Room are so incredibly sweet and I will never go anywhere for jewelry ever again! They helped my boyfriend create the most stunning necklace for our anniversary and we plan on getting our engagement/wedding rings from them as well! Such an amazing company run by amazing people! I highly recommend Matt to anyone and everyone, he will make your jewelry dreams come true!”

Madi W.

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