What are the Different Cuts?

There are 10 official diamond cuts to suit your individual taste. Find out what makes each one unique.

Round Brilliant

Universally popular for its ability to produce maximum sparkle, you’ll find the Round Brilliant diamond showing off its magnificent brilliance mostly in solitaire diamond engagement rings.


A clear rival to the awesome Round Brilliant cut, the Princess Cut is often chosen as a stand-alone solitaire diamond engagement ring. Ideally a perfect square, it can also take on a rectangular shape.


A squarer step-cut with an almost octagonal outline, the Asscher Cut was modified from an Emerald Cut and when compared contains more fire and light.


A squarer step-cut with an almost octagonal outline, the Asscher Cut was modified from an Emerald Cut and when compared contains more fire and light.


Cut with two pointed ends, the Marquise Cut is the most delicate to produce and the most expensive of brilliant cuts. But what an outcome to the eye! With 56 light-capturing facets, it’s very popular for engagement rings.


Possessing an impressive 56 facets, the Oval Cut diamond delivers great brilliance and fire. If cut well, the Oval Cut diamond can rival the light show within a Round Brilliant shaped diamond engagement ring


Stand back and prepare for some fire! You get the better of two diamond worlds here where the elegance of the Emerald shape if cleverly combined with the brilliance of the Princess, culminating in between 62 and 70 facets.


The Pear Cut, or teardrop cut, contains 56 to 58 facets. Another popular diamond for stand-alone brilliance, the Pear Cut is a wonderful choice for an engagement ring for smaller fingers.


The Heart Cut holds great sentimental value for its love heart shape. Typically containing 59 facets, a skilled gem cutter is required to obtain its maximum brilliance


The Cushion or Pillow Cut diamond varies from square to rectangular. Each Cushion Cut will possess rounded corners. Larger facets serve to improve the brilliance and clarity.

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