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I grew up in Chicago where we always had a “Diamond District” – a area of town with a slew of buildings filled with dozens of private jewelry wholesalers and upstairs diamond dealers. When I moved to Texas, and realized there were few if any private jewelers, and I knew what I should do: Deliver a far more personalized experience, in a far more relaxed and enjoyable environment than any department store jeweler could possibly offer. And show my clients obviously better diamonds at clearly better prices.


  1. By using the “upstairs jeweler” model, my much lower overhead equals your bigger diamond!
  2. By direct-sourcing, and hand-picking every diamond we sell.

With this approach we are outshining every other retail store jeweler, and even surpassing the online jewelers: they just can’t compete with the quality and the prices we offer in the Diamond Room.

We’re very proud of our diamonds, our service and our business model. whether showing off diamonds, customizing your engagement ring or showing you the perfect gift, we are happy to be YOUR private jeweler.

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