Attention to Detail

A slogan of the company is “A Crown for Every Achievement.” This slogan perfectly captures the spirit of Rolex – a company
often aligning themselves with the professionals known for their impressive achievements.

From the summits to the top of Mount Everest to deep trenches of the ocean, Rolex is supporting and assisting great achievers. They aim to make a lasting contribution to “global
culture, science and exploration.”

The Value of a Rolex Watch

The value of a Rolex comes from its precision, performance and long history of innovation. A good entry piece for someone interested in a Rolex is the Air King model. These watches are the least expensive, starting at around $5,000. This is a great watch for someone looking to start a collection or get their first taste of a Rolex. The Air King is a tribute to aviation and is fairly smaller than other Rolex models.

One of the most expensive Rolex watches available is the Rolex GMT Master II Ice, which starts at around $485,000. This watch was recently worn by soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. This watch was crafted with white gold and 30 carats worth of diamonds.

How to Care for a Rolex Watch

Your watch can be cleaned on occasion using water and a soft cloth or brush. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often the watch is worn. If your Rolex has a leather strap, you should not clean the strap with water.

Rolex watches that are worn every day do not need to be wound. If you wear your watch only on occasion or take it off for a few days, you will need to manually wind it before putting it back on.

Rolex’s are known for being waterproof due to their hermetically sealed crown. After winding your watch manually, make sure you have screwed down the crown entirely until it will not move anymore to maintain the seal and protect your watch.

All new Rolex watches that have been purchased after July 1, 2015 come with an international 5-year guarantee. Rolex provides a guide on watch care on their website if you would like more information.

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