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The company has made significant contributions to the history of the watch. Holding more than 100 patents for their work on time pieces, it’s clear that Patek Phillipe has worked hard to progress the industry.

Most of all, it is their unrelenting commitment to craftsmanship that places Patek Philippe in the upper echelon of luxury time pieces. Each watch has around 250 individual pieces that are manually assembled. The dials have up to 200 procedures. All of these precise actions combine together to make exquisite piece of time-tracking engineering.

The Value of a Patek Philippe Watch

When looking at the sticker price of a Patek Philippe watch, it is important to factor in the value the watch will hold in the future.
Indeed, many Patek Philippe watches are investments, not just luxury time pieces. A 1970 Nautilus that retailed at less than
$3,000 trades at around $50,000 today. These watches not only hold their value, they create value through the years.

Entry-level Patek Philippe models will range from $19,000 to $30,000. These watches can be found in the Calatrava, Nautilus
and Aquanaut families. Keep in mind, that the Calatrava is the only family of watches from these three that can be readily found
at an authorized dealer. The Nautilus and Aquanaut families have years long waiting lists due to their value and secondhand market.

The Most Expensive Watch Ever Sold

Patek Phillipe holds the distinct honor of having produced the most expensive watch ever purchased. The Grandmaster Chime
Ref. 6300A-010 was sold in 2019 at a Christie’s auction in Geneva as part of the biennial Only Watch charity auction that raises money to fund research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The Grandmaster Chime sold for $31 million to an unknown
bidder. The watch nearly doubled the price tag of the former piece carrying the title of most expensive wrist watch – the Rolex
Paul Newman Daytona which sold for $17.7 million in 2017. The Grandmaster Chime sold for $31 million.

The watch was crafted specifically for Only Watch and took approximately 100,000 hours to create. This watch is one-of-a-
kind, even boasting the inscription “The Only One.” What makes this watch so valuable is the incredible engineering that went into creating this masterpiece. The watch has no less than 20 complications that make up this unique timepiece. This is by far the most complex watch that has ever been produced.

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