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Have you thought about custom design jewelry but thought it would be too difficult to create? Do you have an idea or sketch you can’t seem to finish? Are you starting to doubt if you have the skills to design your own piece? You don’t have to do it alone. The Diamond Room of Dallas can help.


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Our private consultations are by appointment only. same-day appointments are available.

Covid-19 update: The Diamond Room has resumed our signature private appointments. We’re pleased to offer once again the same experience that’s made us an Austin custom jewelry landmark.

Custom Engagement Rings

It’s frustrating when you have a vision for your custom engagement ring but you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Or when you realize you just don’t like anything in the case. Why not design your own? You don’t have to be an artist or designer to create a custom engagement ring you’ll love.

Our custom jewelers can turn your vision into reality. Sit down with one of Dallas’ finest custom jewelers at The Diamond Room of Dallas. Let us walk you through the design process and sketch out the possibilities. We’ll then combine the perfect materials to make your custom piece truly special.

Custom Design Necklaces, Earrings, & Bracelets

No matter the piece you want to create, The Diamond Room of Dallas can accommodate. We offer a wide range of precious metals, stones, and settings to give you a canvas for your custom jewelry. Not only that, we make your piece right here in Dallas!

Already have a dream piece in mind? We’ll help make that dream real. Does every piece you see seem to have one attribute you don’t like? We can help you design a perfect piece. Whether you want a collection that works together or a single piece that stands out, we can help.

Our Custom Jewelry Process

Express Yourself with Custom Jewelry

Buying off the shelf or out of a catalog isn’t for everyone. Many of our Diamond Room of Dallas customers come to us with a partial idea or concept. Let us put your custom design jewelry ideas into action. Connect today to discuss your custom piece.

Whether you want a simple engraving or a total redesign of a family heirloom, we’ll create a piece you’ll cherish. Create a bold piece that makes a statement about your individuality. Or design something that adds a subtle sparkle or shine. Add some Texas flair. It’s up to you.


Create a New Custom Design

Many of our clients who want custom design jewelry are unhappy with the options at stores or online. Some know the materials they love, but can’t seem to find a piece that brings them all together. Others are looking for a piece that complements something they own already.

If you can’t seem to find the piece you’re looking for, then stop looking. Start designing instead. Sketch out what you want. Or just come in and describe your dream. We’ll help you come up with a perfect, fresh design that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Reimagine an Existing Piece

Not all pieces need to be designed from scratch. Sometimes all it takes is a different metal, setting, or gemstone to make the perfect piece. Show us a design you wish was a little lighter, longer, or larger. Whatever the change, we can make something you’ll love.

Precious metals alone can make or break a piece. Switch to white gold for a stunning silvery sheen. Use yellow gold for a classic look that never goes out of style. Add a fashionable, romantic touch with rose gold. Give the unmatched, luxurious feel of platinum to your custom design jewelry.


Replicate a Cherished Design

We can help you recreate or reimagine your most precious family heirlooms. Replicate jewelry worn by a beloved family member. Replace a piece of lost or worn-out jewelry. Even restore a piece to its original luster with complete repairs.

Get inspiration from a piece you’ve seen worn by celebrities or royalty. We can usually recreate jewelry as long as we don’t violate any trademarks or patents by replicating it. Feel like a princess or a movie star when you put on your custom design jewelry.

Matt and everyone at The Diamond Room are so incredibly sweet and I will never go anywhere for jewelry ever again! They helped my boyfriend create the most stunning necklace for our anniversary and we plan on getting our engagement/wedding rings from them as well! Such an amazing company run by amazing people! I highly recommend Matt to anyone and everyone, he will make your jewelry dreams come true!!

Madi W.

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