Custom Jewelry Process


Congratulations on your decision to have the Diamond Room create a custom designed piece of jewelry! This page is set up to answer all your questions, and direct you to the right person, so our team can spend as much time possible working on your piece.

Our Custom Process


  • If you have not already received a Work Order by email, you will. Due dates are shown on your work order. If this date is not accurate, or needs to be changed at any time, please notify us immediately.
  • CAD design – please allow 7-10 business days for your design to arrive by email.
  • Approve or adjust your design – the initial CAD design, while we strive for perfection, is also a starting point. All designs will show excess metal as we lose actual metal as we polish and finish each piece. It is normal for these designs to look chunky, squared off, with large looking prongs. Please look past this as all excess metal will be removed during polishing. Please reply directly with any design questions, changes, and approvals. We will not proceed with your project without approval of your design.
  • This is a great time to call your homeowners/renters insurance company and let them know you are having a piece designed, and make sure you get it scheduled individually under your Personal Policy section. They will require an appraisal which you will receive within 7-10 days after completion of your piece.
  • The next time you will hear from our team, is once your piece has passed our Quality Control and is complete. Once complete, you will receive an email to schedule a time to pick up your piece.
  • All balances are due upon completion of your piece. You are more than welcome to keep your piece in our safe if you’d rather not keep it at home until it’s time to present it. We do, however, ask you to come in, view the piece, and pay all balances.
  • 7-10 days after picking up and paying your balance, you will receive your appraisal in PDF form.
  • All Diamond Grading Reports (these are not appraisals and does not apply to all diamonds and gemstones) arrive in our showroom once we pay for the diamond. Please note, not all Diamonds and Gemstones have Reports and time may vary on arrival of Reports. We will reach out once your Report has arrive, to schedule a time for you to pick it up. (This is a great time to bring in the recipient of the custom piece, so we can educate them on how to care for their piece). We prefer not to ship Diamond Grading Reports. If lost, we will need to remove your diamond or gemstone, ship it back to the lab for regrading, and reset it once received back. The Diamond Room will not cover these cost.

For any other questions, please call the showroom at 512-458-4367.

Our Team:

Amanda Garcia, GIA AJP

CAD Designer

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C-(737) 270-6680

Matt O’Desky, GIA AJP


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