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Austin Created Diamonds


No matter if you call them Lab Grown Diamonds, Man-Made Diamonds, or Lab Created, these diamonds are made the same way diamonds that come from the earth are, and even with the same materials. The only difference is that we have expedited the process by making them in a lab as opposed to waiting millions of years for them to be formed by the Earth. Otherwise it’s just carbon and pressure, giving diamonds created in a lab the exact same physical and chemical components as one created underground.


Everyone in Austin knows about custom jewelry, but did you know you can get a custom diamond too? Any size, clarity, cut or color, you can get a flawless diamond made to your exact specifications, and at a better price point than a mined diamond. Did you know you can even have your wedding dress turned into a diamond? It’s possible with a Created Diamond from The Austin Diamond Room.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Schedule an appointment at our private showroom in Austin and let us know you’re interested in comparing Created Diamonds to mined. We’ll have them ready for you to examine when you arrive so you can see them side by side for yourself. Our decades of experience means we can advise properly on the right decision for you.

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Created Diamonds FAQs

Created Diamonds often spark the curiosity of our clientele. Our most common question is if the diamonds are “real” – and the answer is yes! See more of our most common questions answered in our blog:

The Diamond Room Virtual Appointments

The Diamond Room Virtual Appointments

As COVID-19 changes everything around us, small businesses are having to drastically adapt in order to continue operating. Many are having to close their doors- some temporarily, some permanently- across the globe. As a small business ourselves, we’re committed to...

The Largest Lab-Grown Diamond In the World is at The Diamond Room

The Largest Lab-Grown Diamond In the World is at The Diamond Room

The largest near colorless lab grown diamond in existence has landed in Austin, Texas. This 15.32-carat stunner was recently acquired by The Diamond Room, and is available for purchase in our Austin location. The stone is rated G in color which translates to “nearly...

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Popular?

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Popular?

Are lab-grown diamonds a passing fad in the jewelry industry or are they cementing their place in jewelry showcases for the foreseeable future? Trends in consumer purchasing behavior strongly suggest the latter. Recent improvements in the technology to make these...

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